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  1. Looking for 2d payment gateway receiver such as stripe, 2checkout, square and etc. there’ll be a chargeback in the future. No verified by visa, No mastercard secure code, etc. High chance payment would work if it’s from countries like US, EU. Send me details on gh124333@gmail.com. Link, ratio, payout time&method. Just send me message or mail with “I have a receiver” will be ignored. Thank you.
  2. I’m direct to korean account for these services feel free to contact me if you have a deal
  3. Can make payout through money exchange office. For details gh124333@gmail.com or leave your number I’ll contact. Thanks
  4. I need serious pos receiver for purchase advice 1step 6 digit in saudi arabia or other countries. Bring me current date slip 1riyal approval code 123789 then you have a deal. Both loading or manual key in possible. Either way loading takes less than a few mins so once I have a fresh slip we can start transaction same day. Leave me your contact info
  5. 40/5 is for sender side right? Seems workable. If they can provide current date slip 1usd approval code 111111, our loader expects to start with 1m and then 10m, 100m etc. gh124333@gmail.com if only they’re serious and willing to provide the slip aa requested. I can send you card data including pof
  6. I’m with RWA loader who done successful transaction at saudi in the past. I need proof of pos machine like this. Go straight to purchase advice mode 1 riyal approval code 123789. If you’re with serious receiver let me know.
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    • Diez Prieto

      #bg #sblc #funds #instrument #leasing

      I write to initiate contact with you knowing that you may be/have
      potential clients with interests in the Lease or Purchase of Bank
      Instruments being | BG | SBLC | DLC | LC | PB | MTN | Bank Drafts |etal

      Leased instruments can be used for :

      - credit enhancement purpose

      - A Instrument is commonly used to back up a loan or line of credit in order to show financial strength and to back up the loan in case the client defaults.

      - business enhancement purposes (petroleum, energy,agriculture, steel and other products).

      Our Company specializes in:

      Leasing Financial Instruments - fund first (BG's, SBLC's, Bond's, MTN's).

      Proof of funds (POF) issued by a first class European Bank.

      Leased Bank Instrument Monetization: All those who lease instruments through our provider the added service of monetization of the leased instrument through the provider’s bank: 

      We have a network of over three thousand clients interested in financial services and a network of more than eight hundred contacts Agents and Brokers offering financial services. We facilitate contacts between those requiring a specific service and those offering that service all over the world.

      Should you have any questions or concerns.
      Contact: Email : prieto.diez@yahoo.com
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    • Nodirhon Djurabaev

      I need a BUSINESSGLOBALPAY card
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    • Nodirhon Djurabaev

      Мне нужна карта BUSINESSGLOBALPAY
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