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  1. Need urgent receiver for MT 103/202 Manual Download- STP Mode through Swift.com . Sender side 60% closed. Total 7B .First tranche is 490M. TRANSACTION PROCEDURE: 1- Party A and Party B will send this contract 2- The Issuing Bank will do the due diligence and send a SWIFT 199 message to the receiving bank 3- The SWIFT 103-202 will be sent through MANUAL to the receiver Bank. 4- While doing the download, the receiver will not need some codes that will be given by the sender during the operation. 5- After the confirmation of the download, the Receiver will transfer first tranche in accordance with the ratio above, to the designated accounts to be provided after the confirmation of crediting of Not : Additional procedure from sender : pre-PGL need to be sign and seal by the receiver company after PGL signing completed receiver bank officer need to send readiness email or RWA to sender bank officer to starting procedures from point 1. If you interested please contact whatsApp : +960 7523155
  2. yes some of them sender will issues the mt199 , chain is one behind the sender mandate , yes its kyc deal . Please contact for the further details.. whatsApp : +960 7523155 whatsApp : +960 7523155
  3. Looking for IPIP recovery .I’m direct to mandates for few loaded and failed IPIP transaction slip of stock transaction which former receiver did not work and fund is stock in the system. Sender will ensure the new receiver that funds is still in the system before starting to locate the funds. PGL format will be issued from sender to the new receiver, new receiver fills and endorsed the PGL from their bank before RELEASE CODE and FINAL CODES are been given . RECOVERY-1 SENDER: GOLD FIELDS AG SENDER BANK : UBS AG ZURICH TRANSFER AMOUNT . 1B RECEIVER BANK : GLOBAL FIDELITY BANK – CAYMAN ISLAND RECOVERY-2 SENDER: GOLD FIELDS AG SENDER BANK : UBS AG ZURICH TRANSFER AMOUNT . 990M RECEIVER BANK : GLOBAL FIDELITY BANK – CAYMAN ISLAND RECOVERY-3 SENDER ACCOUNT NAME: MIRYA TRADING LTD SENDER BANK NAME: DEUTSCHE BANK TRANSFER AMOUNT . 100M RECEIVER BANK NAME: PT.BANK UOD INDONESIA RECOVERY-4 SENDER ACCOUNT NAME : NEW VENNA 121 LTD SENDER BANK NAME: BARCLAYS BANK PLC TRANSFER AMOUNT . 100B RECEIVER BANK NAME: COMMERZBANK AG If you interested please contact whatsApp : +960 7523155
  4. hi hope you keeping well ..Can you please contact me by Whatsapp : +960 7523155

  5. *Please read carefully it's long post. Dear Gentlemen Please find below a step by step process for a private program based on financial instrument 1.- Very important, most of the platforms decided to work only with cash, there are not many of them that accept to work with financial instruments, mainly because the platform must generate a cash credit line, therefore they need to integrate a MONETIZER in their group. 2.- A PPP is a financial enhancement project that is an invitation to investor. 3.- The rate of the instrument : AAA ... BBB will define the Loan To Value ( LTV ) % that the Monetizer will apply to the instrument, that would be from 50 % up to 90%, even below than 50 %. 4.- Once the Monetizer converts the instrument ( that will stay blocked for the life of the program ) in a Credit Line as per the agreed LTV, the platform will be able to start the project. 5.- Benefits of the project will be defined when it is ready to start, since the % of profitability is not stable, could change from a week to the next one 6.- These benefits are generated weekly, in some cases monthly, it depends of the nature of the PPP to deposit the benefits weekly or monthly 7.- As a sample these benefits are in the range of 10 % up to 40 % weekly, the benefits are GROSS PROFITS, that use to be distributed : 50% platform, 40 % investor, 10 % facilitator of investor. 8.- Some platforms are reluctant to do a 40 weeks PPP, they prefer to do SPOTS / BULLETS instead, for 3 ... 5 weeks, wth a similar profitability that the 40 weeks PPP. 9.- To enter in a project, the platform must do a Due Dilligence (DD) for the instrument, or the cash, and the director that will sign the project. 10.- For conducting properly that DD the investor must comply with the following : - He must be either the direct owner / beneficiary of the isntrument, or the corporation that owns the instrument must assign him as the mandate person, by formalizing a CORPORATE BOARD RESOLUTION . - That person must be clean professionaly ... he will be investigated by the platform - The DD is conducted by reviewing the KNOWN YOUR CLIENT ( KYC) document as well as the Verification of the instrument - Only that person has the right to sign the program contract with the head of the plaform - The PPP contract is full confidential Should you need further details, let me know. Whats App : +960 7523155
  6. INSTRUMENTS : MT 103 COLLATERAL SWIFT TOTAL 3B TRANSACTION PROCEDURE 1—RECEIVER SIGN THE AGREEMENT AND RETURN TO PROVIDER, 2. PROVIDER RETURNS THE AGREEMENT TO RECEIVER DULY FILLED AND SIGNED 3. PROVIDER BANK WILL REPLY BY MT-799 PRE-ADVICE CONFIRMING THAT THEY ARE READY, WILLING AND ABLE TO ISSUE THE MT 103 COLLATERAL SWIFT AS PER AGREED. 4. RECEIVER BANK WILL ISSUE MT 799 ANSWER TO PROVIDER'S COORDINATE BANK ACCOUNT TO CONFIRMING THAT THEY ARE READY, WILLING AND ABLE TO RECEIVE AND PAY THE ..% ( ...... ) MT 103 COLLATERAL SWIFT FOR EACH TARNCHE . 5--SENDER BANK SEND SWIFT MT103 INTERBANK VIA SWIFT TO BUYER BANK 6--BUYER WITHIN 3 BANKING DAYS PAY THE ...% ( ..... ) DISCOUNT TO SENDER BANK AND ..% (..... ) TO PAY COMMISSION TO BROKER --------------------------------------------------------------- BANK DRAFT PROCEDURE 1. Both Parties signs this Project Funding Agreement which has Party A CIS, which shall become a formal and enforceable agreement between both Parties. Party B will fill, sign, stamp DOA contract, and submit along with /Passport/ Incorporation Certificate. 2. After Countersigned Contract, Party A will issue RWA to Party B. Party A will instruct HSBC Bank Plc to issue MT110 swift to Party B's Receiver Bank after party A receive swift Mt799 BPU from Party B. 3. Within Five (5) banking days maximum upon receipt and successful verification and authentication of the Swift MT110, the Party B’s bank must release the LTV payment via Swift MT103 wire transfer shall be paid in provider’s + intermediaries designated bank accounts. 4. Party A will deliver the hard copy of the Bank Draft to the Party B’s Bank via bank bonded courier after payment of bank draft and/or 7 days. Contact : Whats App : +960 7523155
  7. Gold Bars 99.95% fineness , 1Kg/Bar, 25Kg/Box , The second fixing LBMA , 1. Discount Gross 12% Net to Buyer 2. Consultancy Fee 3%: 1.5% for Seller's Mandates paid from Seller's Account (Closed). 1.5% for Buyer's Mandates paid from Seller's Account PROCEDURE 1. Seller issues FCO to Buyer. (This document). 2. Buyer responds to Seller with a LOI which is attached with Buyer’s Passport copy. 3. Seller sends Buyer SPA and Buyer signs on it along with NCNDA ( in which IMFPA inserted), and SPA and NCNDA will be delivered within Five(5) day by one of following methods. Simultaneously, Proof of Fund for the value of goods to be purchased is sent to Seller through Seller’s bank by one of following methods; A. Electronic Document Transmission (This is deemed valid and enforceable in this contract) B. Buyer or his mandate, C. Either Brinks or Malca-Amit 4. Seller and Buyer shall, if necessary, have a TTM (Top Table Meeting) at the place specified by Seller. For this TTM, Seller will provide an invitation to Buyer. (The invitation is issued by bank officer or lawyer involved in this transaction.) 5. SPA shall be signed manually in wet blue ink. Both also accurately determine the price of gold and how to pay. Upon Buyer's receipt of all of the following documents from Seller, Buyer or his Mandate shall pay the Seller in full. A. SGS Assay report (certificate): LS NIKKO is using SGS lab to have non-destructive test. B. Certificate of Origin C. Commercial Invoice D. Packing List E. Certificate of customs clearance with proof of exportability: Seller will replace it with Export Permit. 6. In case that Buyer's mandate or Brinks or Malca-Amit pays for the goods on behalf of Buyer, Seller agrees to be paid by one of them and then must hand over the goods after the payment has been made. At the same time, Seller will deliver the goods to the one who paid for the goods. 7. The goods shall be handed over to whom Buyer nominate to pick up for safe delivery to the Buyer’s destination. Contact WhatsApp : + 960 7523155
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