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  1. Hello every one, We are debit company based in Isreal and USA, we do real estate finance in 4% yearly rate of interest. For more financial discussion contact me on Whatsapp Thanks and Regards Jai Kumar MOB/Whatsapp:+917903242951
  2. Hello everyone, We do provide Sblc Bg LC, Project finance. We provide financial advisory as well. For more details contact me on. +917903242951
  3. Hello All, We do discount LC from prime bank We do discount SBLC, BG from African prime bank also. Interested client can ping me on Whatsapp. +917903242951
  4. Contact me for LC discounting and for payment against export order. Whatsapp /+917903242951
  5. Hello everyone, every business man require cash flow.. If you have your LC limit or BG
  6. Hello everyone. We have started CAP programme for importers. Commodity assistence programme. Under this programme we do partnership with importer and we issue sblc or Bg to exporter. Minimum we do 10 million.. Client must deposited 55k to escrow agent in Lloyd's bank London.. Profit can be shared 50*50 Only potential client.. Thanks and regards Jai Whats app:+917903242951
  7. Hello every one Good day, When we talk about project finance then client think they will get loan without deposit fund.. Which is totally wrong. No one this world will give you loan without any equity deposit. We do project finance.. Equity deposit 20 to 25% of loan amount and loan will reimbursed in 30 to 45 days. .. Thanks and regards Stay safe Jai Kumar Mob/whatsapp :+917903242951
  8. Hello all We can receive GPI direct swift in our Thailand bank.. Retio 50/50. Don't ask me video, slip bla bla.. Do the trial amount of 100 USD.. Then u realize we can perform. Or not .only direct sender contact me.. Mob/whaatsapp:+971524149842
  9. Hello every one.. During this lock down every one is looking for cash flow. We do provide project finance.. Minimum 5 million USD Max 500 million. Equty dipposite:25% Loan tenure :3 to 15 years Only real client who have financial experience can contact me. Finance providing in only these areas USA/CANADA/EUROPE/SINGAPORE/HK/ Thanks and regards. Jai Kumar MOB/Whatsapp:+917903242951
  10. Q:what is project finance. Is this investment happen on client dream. Ans: project finance have many types, like, mezzanine finance, equity finance, debt finance, senior debit, etc But in any case client has to ready to do equity deposit of 20 to 25% . Then we check client executive summery of projct,cis and kyc, and payment summery. Many clients approch me every day.some are real and some have lack of finance knowledge. Question : where have to do equity deposit. Ans: equity deposit will take place on escrow agent who has IOLA licence in USA. Client will do de
  11. Hello. Every one. We do finance project.. Any kind of project.for project finance you must do equity deposit of 20 to 25% ..and we will do 100% finance.. Rate of interest will. Be depend on your project summery. Thanks and Regards Jai. Mob/whatsapp:+917903242951
  12. Hello every one. Today I want to share with you some fact about sblc /BG.. And why people get scammed. First of all when client needs to get sblc or Bg. They must have to return the instrument.if you are taking in lease or deffered Purches.. Why I use word deffered purchasing beacuse instrument never be sold in less price.. It's always be sold in full price.. That's why lender do first year defferd Purches and second year client can return or pay full amount and take the instrument in out right Purches. There are many people says that I will open account for u in xyz banks..
  13. Hello exporters, If you have lack of fund.. And bank has given you packing credit facilities.. Come to meI will give LC at sight ..but you must have packing credit facility. What's app, :+917903242951
  14. Hello exporters, If you have lack of fund.. And bank has given you packing credit facilities.. Come to meI will give LC at sight ..but you must have packing credit facility. What's app, :+917903242951
  15. Get sblc Bg and enhance your business. +917903242951
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      I have Simple bank and credit union account with online access for loading, i also have Equity line of Credit without online access for loading,I have First state bank usa (i control the mobile app)for direct deposit job only all with sure payout, senders should message me on +2348166429924 lets work together.
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