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  1. Hello exporters, If you have lack of fund.. And bank has given you packing credit facilities.. Come to meI will give LC at sight ..but you must have packing credit facility. What's app, :+917903242951
  2. Hello exporters, If you have lack of fund.. And bank has given you packing credit facilities.. Come to meI will give LC at sight ..but you must have packing credit facility. What's app, :+917903242951
  3. Get sblc Bg and enhance your business. +917903242951
  4. Hello my dear friends and, During this hard time every one is facing problem for cash flow.. We do provide cash fund for your business. So you can do your business. We do structured finance.. But client must have old Business . We only welcome USA/europe/singapre /hongkong. Client bank must have prime or rated banks. Thanks and Regards Jai Kumar +917903242951
  5. Hello every one, We are into structure finance. We do provide cash loan, Sblc, BG, equity ,debit, senior funding.. We do provide loan only for USA, Europe. Thanks and Regards Jai Kumar +917903242951
  6. Hello Dear Oil/Agro/commodity Traders, During this pandemic situation Every one is looking for cash flow. You have products but you don't have money.. Don't worry I will advise you and provide you.. Only genuine and real client contact me Thanks and Regards. +917903242951 Jai Kumar
  7. Hello My dear friend, Here have some important knwoldege for you. Many of my friend roaming here and there for so long time. But exactly they don't know what they are doing. Provider bank always take the Swift transmission fees from provider.. So if provider asking to you give him. But don't give him On his account. Tell him to open escrow account which will be 3rd party escrow. Then do the due diligence first and then deposite the fees. Because if you think work will happen free of cost you will. Never ever get the real instrument. So always be alert and due diligence always required.. Because not any one can open the escrow account in bank. It's required special licence and only attorney can open the escrow account.. Thanks and Regards Stay safe Jai Kumar +917903242951
  8. Hello Greetings Welcome all. If you are trader of oil, Agro ,electronic or any kind of trade you do offcourse you need cash flow.. Don't worry I will provide you.. We don't provide for startup company. Client must have good turn over in his bank. For more details interested and serious client welcome Minimum 10 million. Max 500 million Thanks and Regards Jai Kumar. +917903242951
  9. Hello Good day my all strangers friend . I want to guide you about some thing sblc and Bg Sblc and Bg called also securities in banking language. There is no such kind of word called lease. It's called lisenced There is no such kind of word called Purches or sale. It's called differed Purches. Did u think why any one will sale his instrument in 32 or 42 or 52% .. This all made by scammers and fraud people.. Beware of them.. Sblc and Bg will be issued from Iasuer side when issuer block his fund or line of credit.. It means sblc and Bg is money on form.of paper.. You can keep it in your bank and take the money or enhance the credit limit.. Second thing when Sblc and Bg issued provider pay the issuance fees to his banker.. It's 100% ..if any of your provider ask the issuance fees don't work with him.. Just tell him if he wants can be deposited in 3rd party escrow. That's the safe ..after signing the escrow you can do the due diligence talk to escrow bank and if it's genuine deposit the fund.. If any provider needs the upfront lisenceing fees or purchase fees then put him. On black list in your phone. Don't talk him again because he is 110% scammer.. Bank never issue any instruments.. Bank only deliver the instrument.. If you need any advise regarding finance or project finance or any kind of funding you can contact me. Note : My main motto is to clear the scammers from this market.. Because one dirty fish can create problem for all water Thanks and Regards Take care and stay safe Jai Kumar +917903242951
  10. Hello every one During this pandemic situation Every one is looking for cash flow or loan.. Don't worry I will. Give you solution If you have colletral then I will. Solve your money problem.. Minimum we do 10 million max 500 million. For more details discuss with me. Thanks and Regards Jai Kumar +917903242951
  11. Hello we do PPP. Client can join this programme by sblc /bG and with cash fund.. There have zero risk If client give us cash. We give him 110% sblc from. Prime. Bank Don't expect that we give 500% or 1000√ This happen in dream only. Our yearly coupon is 8% And monthly depend on trade but minimum we provide 10% . This service is only for intelecutal client. Thanks and Regards. Whatsapp:+917903242951
  12. Business global pay Direct Reciver contact me.. We need payment out in 1hr Only Indian reciver or who can provide cash in India can contact me What's app :00971524149842
  13. Hello Friends, We are sender of BGP wallet to Wallet. We need only and only direct Reciver. We don't need and broker or mandate.. We need Reciver mainly in India. Pay out we need in 1 or 2hr.. We are not interested to take our payment in 4 days or 5 days. So it means if you have your money to pay then only contact me.. Other wise there is no use that u will pay my money in 4 days. ..its a long time business opportunity. This offer only for those who wants to make money.. Thanks and Regards. Jai Whatsapp:00971524149842
  14. Hello we are provider of sblc and Bg. We take the fees after deliver the instrument. But client must pay 55k for every 100 million Instrument.. Escrow bank :llyods London If you don't know what's the escrow don't contact me.. Note : No one can issue the instrument in free.. Licences fees 14% Purches 18% Thanks and Regards. Jai Kumar Mob/whatsapp:00971524149842

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