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  1. Am receiver.. DCB( Development Credit Bank) Chennai, South India. STP/FTP Approvals obtained. Email: hariprasad@arkangroupeurope.com Whatsapp: +918667526776
  2. Dear All, Greetings again. I am direct to mandate of Bank Draft provider from HSBC London. Price: 45+2 Terms: After signing DOA, The buyer and the mandate will be put in direct touch with provider Mandate via Whatsapp or Skype to verify that it is the buyer who filled the DOA and he is aware and want this Bank Draft and accepts all then procedures mentioned in the DOA. Procedures : After confirmation of the above with Buyer, Provider instructs his BO in HSBC London to issue the BD to Buyer on his name or company name. BO on providers instructions debit providers account for the said amount cuts the Bank Draft and issues it. BO from HSBC London from the secured email send soft copy of the bank draft and On HSBC letterhead stating the Bank Draft number, Amount recipient addressed to BO secure email at Receiving or Buyer's Bank. Upon confirmation of the Soft copy email by the Buyer BO, Buyer makes Insurance fees depending on the Amount they Bank Draft was issued for to Provider nominated account. Send the copy of transfer made to provider. On receipt of insurance fees being reflected the provider instructs his BO at HSBC London to issue MT110 and send Hard copy via courier to buyer banknto his mailing address. Within 3-5 days after receiving Hard Copy buyer makes 45+2 ( deducting the insurance fees paid) to provider and Commissions to all. Already worked with this provider know about his working ethics and success rate. (500M BD issued on 29th April 2020 to Hang Seng Bank HK). Kindly contact me and ask for DOA and fill it only if you agree to the terms. If not there is penalty clause involved for non performance and non cooperation after filling and signing DOA. I will be on Buyer side for commission. Thanks, Hari Email: hariprasad@arkangroupeurope.com Whatsapp: +918667526776
  3. Gentlemen, Greetings to you all. 

    MT103/GPI Manual Download FTP  SPP and IPIP receivers available. 

    Either new sender who will upload or sender's that can re-issue MT199 with slip contact me. 

    For Manual Downloads we use Chinese banks! 

    For IPIP we use DB Germany( if the Transfer is not made from DB) or BBVA bank in Peru. 

    We have all Bank letters and proven download history. 

    We issue PGL. 

    Ratio: 50/50( non negotiable 50% closed receiver side). 

    Only the senders who can issue Transmission copies for all uploads and who can change and route MT199 to my receivers only contact me. 

    ( No bank will download without transmission or SWIfT copy and without MT199 it's impossible for us to download because the original Receiver who failed to perform can claim and sue us anytime because he was the intended recipient by sender before) 


    Hari Prasad S

    Skype: harisprasad 

    Whatsapp: +918667526776

    Email: hariprasad@arkangroupeurope.com

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