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  1. Need US or Canada accounts with online access for wire transfers. Wire amount depends on the limit of receiver's account. Sharing rate is 40/40/20 Serious receivers who are ready to share money no matter how little or big the funds are. No mandates or middlemen please!! Direct receivers only!
  2. For IP to IP jobs My receivers are capable and much reliable. Email: joinfreedom@gmail.com
  3. Amount is very different size from your receiver capability *Alliance lite 2 process from clean and clear source ready to transfer to receiver's account by contract, 36.5 percent net to receiver 2.5 percent as commission to receiver side* *Must provide video for confirmation of account active must show dated, company name & account nr. Any amount can First please read carefully ☝️
  4. Hello The original funds were sent from one bank to another. Being very high amount, they were returned and remained in a cloud zone. And to download them again, codes were made, and for that reason it is called TRN, and therefore, it is no longer tied to any bank officer or bank. if you can download it then I’ll give you all the codes . Serious receivers only pls!! Mt199 pre advise available!
  5. We need small amounts of 1-5M euros. Can it be possibly? Then contact me now! Serious senders only pls!!!! joinfreedom@gmail.com
  6. Contact me pls. I need offline 6 digits joinfreedom@gmail.com
  7. I have KTT receivers ready to deal now. Pls don't contact me if your sender is not real. Many fake senders on this platform. Thank you!
  8. I need offline 6 digits pos Send pm pls
  9. I have 2d receivers, if you are serious, send pm
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    • Diez Prieto

      #bg #sblc #funds #instrument #leasing

      I write to initiate contact with you knowing that you may be/have
      potential clients with interests in the Lease or Purchase of Bank
      Instruments being | BG | SBLC | DLC | LC | PB | MTN | Bank Drafts |etal

      Leased instruments can be used for :

      - credit enhancement purpose

      - A Instrument is commonly used to back up a loan or line of credit in order to show financial strength and to back up the loan in case the client defaults.

      - business enhancement purposes (petroleum, energy,agriculture, steel and other products).

      Our Company specializes in:

      Leasing Financial Instruments - fund first (BG's, SBLC's, Bond's, MTN's).

      Proof of funds (POF) issued by a first class European Bank.

      Leased Bank Instrument Monetization: All those who lease instruments through our provider the added service of monetization of the leased instrument through the provider’s bank: 

      We have a network of over three thousand clients interested in financial services and a network of more than eight hundred contacts Agents and Brokers offering financial services. We facilitate contacts between those requiring a specific service and those offering that service all over the world.

      Should you have any questions or concerns.
      Contact: Email : prieto.diez@yahoo.com
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    • Nodirhon Djurabaev

      I need a BUSINESSGLOBALPAY card
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    • Nodirhon Djurabaev

      Мне нужна карта BUSINESSGLOBALPAY
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