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  1. We are from Sri Lanka and this is our organization website. We are looking for loaders who willing to work on 3d.we can return 50% in 3 to 5 days honestly. Our banking system is not releasing money in 48 hours. We can work with hundi dealers also. Gradually increase the fund, and trust. Tested with 10 to 50$ and then 1000 is first return (this we can do with our own pocket money within 24 hours). Then 5000 return your 50%,then 8000 return your 50%,then 15000 return your 50%. Then 25000 return your 50%,50,000 return your 50%. Like this. We have successfully operated with Pakistani customers, du
  2. We can receive any type of cash and return 75% clean, we using our fund to help you. You can send any type of cash, first sign the agreement, and send us, with in 3 banking days cash return. WhatsApp +94774223766
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