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  1. Hoodie

    POS available

    Thanks Amit, I will do as we agreed on Whatsapp.
  2. Medical gloves and masks are available for wholesale. Worldwide delivery, very low prices. If you need more information and direct contact please post in this thread or send me private message.
  3. Hoodie

    POS available

    I sent you email.
  4. Hoodie

    POS available

    Responded to both of you gentlemen.
  5. Online and offline POS available in China, for high amounts. Please leave your contact in case you are interested.
  6. What is the minimum amount you can load?
  7. Hoodie


    Please post here if you got scammed by anyone on this forum. This way we can prevent them to scam the members again. If you don't feel comfortable you can send it to me in private message. Post in this format: 1. Scammer's username 2. Scammer's every contact number and email 3. The link of the topic related to the scam Thank you in advance.
  8. I don't know why are you people looking for Sawang Jana when he is at large for taking part in financial fraud.
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      I am looking Insta Global Account on rent by agreement with access.. I have 100M work. If any owner or Mandates of Account holder then pls touch with me on Whatsapp..  +919088609260
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    • Jeet

      I have Pay Pal business account, Insta Global account for receiving..  sender will returned 55%...  
      Interest person whatsapp +919088609260
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      New release for MUD/DESERT TIRES 66X44.00-25 and 66X43.00-25
      Since more and more clients choose TNR as the tire supplier, we are aim at reaching and developing special industry & contraction tires.
      So we are continually developing new tires to satisfy the clients’ requirements and meet the various international market needs, now we bring a new kind of tires, 66X44.00-25 and 66X43.00-25 OTR tires, for mud/desert sand service.
      Such tire is low profile and super wide base, the unique pattern and strong carcass both is  designed for the hard condition of sand roads. In addition, the material shows a good cooling performance, when the tires run on the hot sand area. The load capacity is strong enough to carry heavy stuffs, the tires can be applied to WTC5120TSM or V85T machines and so on.
       The size, tec data is as bellow, if you need more information, please contact us sales@tnr-international.com
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