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  1. I have a BOA wire log with $1m balance for sale. If you are interested, send me a dm. If you are a receiver , direct receiver no middleman, and you can receive the funds, send me email or whatsapp on +46727605787 lets do business. See screenshot proofs above. Please dont waste my time
  2. HELLO Need a Serious Receiver That Has Company Account With High Limit ,Senders Side Will Provide Contract With Bankers Signature ,Real Funds ,Only Matured And Business Minded Receivers Should Contact Me only thank you NOTE: IF YOU'RE NOT READY TO INVEST PLEASE DON'T STRESS YOURSELF Contact on WhatsAp+46727605787
  3. So many unserious people with low sense of reasoning, rippers, kids, most painful kids trying to scam some $50, $100How can people steal screenshots from people’s work and try to use it to scam.I doubt there are 50% real people here. How can you expect to close a million dollar deal with $100 ?? Do you not make use of your brain??? These fucking scammers are spoiling the image of we senders.I hardly have a good turnout anytime I post advert here because, people are scared, people are even scared now to release online access.Some people are even going as far as creating fake company accounts.Once you push in funds, they block you and disappear with money.How can we minimize these and build trust? Because this is sincerely affecting me. I hardly have real trusted receivers to work with these days, making it miserable for people like me that lacks manner of convincing .Having said, I am hoping that I could create a website of forum with escrow to control how receivers and senders inter-relate with jobs.Funny thing is that I have worked so hard as a sender since January and the major achievement I made, i got ripped. Its too much. Any suggestion how to minimize these? Can anyone say something? I am at pains. I hate to read updates here anymore, especially POS updates.
  4. send me a private massage on whatsapp
  5. Hello!!! Hope everyone is okay Any individual with company account with highest limits, If you ain’t the direct receiver don’t bother to sent me massage! I would love you to be aware of this ! Sender side will provide POF Contract with banker signature And if you can’t invest in the deal don’t bother to sent me a message please Contact me on WhatsApp:46727605787
  6. J

    1. Fredrick


      Here is the WhatsApp number 
      +1 (925) 517‑6289
  7. Hello everyone! It has been a little while I stopped writing in this group because, everyone is focused on getting jobs done. How is everyone chasing? If you have failed in few trials, dont give up. You know making money is not so easy .Just energy and efforts needed . I rarely write here but I saw alot of people are getting scammed here. Just be wise and careful the people you are dealing with. Cheers!! receivers For wire transactions and bitcoin flashing Nothing else Don't waste your time please Contact me on WhatsAp+46727605787
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