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    Rugby club VVA-Podmoskovje, Moscow region

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    Monino, Russia (The team plays at Gagarin Air Force Academy stadium in Monino, a garrison town just outside Moscow)
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  1. Liga Stavok – Russian U23 Championship VVA-Podmoskovye U23 Monino - Lokomotiv Moscow U23

  2. Прямая трансляция матча 9 тура «Лига Ставок - Чемпионата России», «ВВА-Подмосковье» (Монино) — «Стрела» (Казань)

    Liga Stavok - Russian Rugby Championship, Matchday 9.
    VVA-Podmoskovye Monino vs Strela Kazan

  3. Liga Stavok - Russian Rugby Championship, Matchday 8.
    VVA Podmoskovye Monino - Krasniy Yar Krasnoyarsk

  4. Liga Stavok – Russian U23 Championship, Lokomotiv Moscow U23 — VVA-Podmoskovye U23 Monino

  5. Liga Stavok - Russian Rugby Cup, 1/4 final.
    VVA-Podmoskovye Monino vs. Bulava Rostov Region

  6. Liga Stavok - Russian U23 Championship.
    Strela U23 Kazan - VVA-Podmoskovye U23 Monino

  7. Hello expats! If You came in Russia, knows how to play rugby and have residence or work permit, please keep in touch with us to join our professional rugby club. We can offer a strong social package and top-level experience with the best coaches and players in Russia. Team Location: Monino, Moscow Region
  8. Welcome foreign rugby players with Russian roots to back homeland and to join the professional rugby team VVA-Podmoskovie. We need players with the names like Kuznetsov(a), Petrov(a), Sidorov(a). The peculiarity of naturalization in Rugby is that the presence of Russian roots allows players to play for the national teams of their historical homeland. We are counting on communication in those countries where Rugby is popular and there are large diasporas of our compatriots from the time of the Russian Empire. We are searching for promising young people abroad.
  9. The VVA-Podmoskovye, is a Russian rugby union team currently playing in the Professional Rugby League. The team plays at Gagarin Air Force Academy stadium in Monino, a garrison town just outside Moscow. VVA-Podmoskovye have strong links to the air force and also supply the bulk of Russia, with which they share a head coach, Nikolai Nerush. The team has ambitious plans for the future - it is lobbying hard for inclusion in the European Challenge Cup and is close to completing a 12,500-seat purpose-built rugby stadium. VVA-Podmoskovie have won the title eight times, in 1993, 2003, 2004, 2006
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