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  1. We are the GPI SENDER. WE need GPI Manual Download RECEIVER. Note that AUTO Download is NOT acceptable. If you have a GPI Manual Download Receiver we need a LETTER FROM YOUR BANK stating that you CAN receive funds/payments via GPI MANUAL DOWNLOAD. Without this letter we CANNOT move forward. Please email that letter to my at tonywells82@hotmail.com
  2. Indonesia is fine as long as your bank is on the above list. Is your bank even on the list? We need a letter from your bank confirming that you can receive payments via GPI Manual Download. Once we receive that we can send you a DOA or whatever.
  3. No. Is your bank even on the list? We need a letter from your bank confirming that you can receive payments via GPI Manual Download. Once we receive that we can send you a DOA or whatever.
  4. Please Note: The GPI Manual Download Receiver Account needs to have the below Swift Code and Code Number: GPI SWIFT CODE: DAYCBRSPSP3 GPI CODE NUMBER: 400871827200
  5. We need a GPI Manual Download Receive who HAS any one of the below banks: ABN AMRO Bank, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bank of China, Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Banco Santander, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Citibank, Commerzbank,
  6. Hello, please contact me asap. We need a Insta Business Pay receiver. WA: +17605590456. Tony
  7. What the HELL does this have to do with my post?? Please go and SPAM your stuff somewhere else!
  8. We urgently need an INSTA BUSINESS PAY Receiver. We are ready to start ASAP. If you are a INSTA Business Pay Receiver please contact me ASAP. Email: tonywells82@hotmail.com and WhatsApp: +17605590456. Tony
  9. We're looking for a good and trustworthy INSTA BUSINESS PAY Receiver. Any good and trustworthy INSTA BUSINESS PAY Receiver please contact me ASAP and send the following information; 1. Proposed RATIO? 2. Payout TIME FRAME? 3. Proposed FIRST TRENCHE AMOUNT? Also.. please send us your CIS. CIS should include the passport of the Receiver and Insta Business Pay screen shots. I have a very good and strong INSTA BUSINESS PAY Sender in Dubai who is ready to move forward ASAP. Email: tonywells82@hotmail.com
  10. Yes I also have a USA extended verified Konnect Wallet business account to RECEIVE but it seems the money that is sent wallet-to-wallet can't be used for WITHDRAWAL. Even though I had over $6,000 in my AVAILABLE BALANCE I can't seem to be able to use it for WITHDRAWAL to purchase BTC. Is this normal? When I tried it is always REFUND in the end and the funds are sent back. Am I don't something wrong? My email is: tonywells82@hotmail.com
  11. People, We need a INSTA Global Pay RECEIVER. Preferrably not from a third-world country.. because there's no way we believe he can payout. We already lost big money and are tired of the BS. There's always so many BROKERS between the actual Receiver also.. that's why if you wish us to work together we MUST be put in DIRECT contact with the Receiver before we will send a single cent. One of my Senders is in London and will only deal F2F with a Receiver who's in London also. If you agree to any of the above.. please just email me: tonywells82@hotmail.com
  12. I URGENTLY need a INSTA Global Pay SENDER ASAP! The INSTA GP Receiver is ready now. Offering very good rates of 25+5. 25 for you.. 5 for me. Please contact me ASAP. EMAIL: tonywells82@hotmail.com WA: +17605590456 Tony W.
  13. We also need a INTERNATIONAL Global Payment receiver. Sender is ready to send first $1M test tranche ASAP. NOTE: Sender does not trust and INDIAN Receivers. The Receiver should be for USA or European countries. WhatsApp me at +17605590456.
  14. What do you mean by you only receive b2b? Business to Business? Don't understand that at all. I have a Insta GP Sender. We looking for a good Receiver. $25M is available now with more to come.
  15. USA Verified Insta Global Pay RECEIVER Needed! We need a USA Insta Global Pay Receiver who has a VERIFIED account now. $25M available funds ready now. First tranche amount to be discussed. More after that. Must be Trustworthy!
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