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  1. Dear, I´m working for an institution in Germany, providing receivers MT103/202 FTP and STP mode. See also my ad please: Regards Timo
  2. No broker chain here ! If you are a broker, please only contact me if you can accept, that we can contact later on ,within the process, the sender and or senders mandate direct. If you disagree, please don´t contact me. Even me I will step back once I did my pre-check. Every broker, if any, will be considered in (IMFPDA, PGL) and will get his commission accordingly. Don´t worry please. Dear Sirs, I am working for an institution (bank group) specialized on RECEIVING high finance transactions, located in Germany and with branches in 10 countries around the globe. Types of transfer we can receive and provide receivers for: MT103 (all types) FTP and STP mode Swift GPI with/without code, automatic/manual Alliance Lite2 IPIP/IPID KTT wire cash transfer Target2 We don´t do DTC or SEPA B2B! The bank process the orders and provide receivers for your sender. I am just the first contact and do the pre-check (sender details, documents etc.). Once my pre-check is done, then you as a sender or mandate will be in direct contact with the bank group and your own consultant. I am interested to keep the contact chain short as you see, in order to speed things up and avoid misunderstandings or delays. Many deals already done succesful by this institution. Regards Timo
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    • omenuko stanley

      SENDER needed for swift.com  mt103/202 manual download STP/ FTP mode. Any volume amount of 200m and above is accepted
      Receiver: South America, Mexico & Malaysia ( Note: only one company can do this in Malaysia)
      Ratio: 50/50% sharing.
      Note: Only sender and his mandate can contact for this offer..
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    • محمد سعيد

      we need receiver for Al-Amal Bank in the UAE or the Gulf countries? or any countrey
      Provided that you meet with the receiver before the transfer f2f
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    • omenuko stanley

      A Receiver with an AUTHORIZATION to receive and download mt103/203 manual download STP mode, FIN mt103/202 manual. Have an offer of 3B with his bank. First Tranche 300m.
      A capable SENDER who can perform this transaction method 100% is needed.
      NOTE: receiver works with his bank approved procedure and contract.
      MT199 is required.
      This offer is for sender and a direct mandate only ( Chain not allowed)
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