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  1. Dear Alper, I have sent you an email. Did you get this one? Maybe my email ended up in spam file? Alliance Lite2 receiver is there. I need to know details. Don´t send any contract yet. i want to discuss first. Regards
  2. Dear, I´m working for an institution in Germany, providing receivers MT103/202 FTP and STP mode. See also my ad please: Regards Timo
  3. I have a receiver source for: MT103 (all types) FTP and STP mode Swift GPI with/without code, automatic/manual Alliance Lite2 IPIP/IPID (from october 2020) KTT wire cash transfer Target2 No broker chain here. The same I expect from you (no brokers in between) unless I´m allowed to get in contact with sending company direct. Just once for verification only. Regards Timo
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