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  1. Keep blabbing without proofs. Joker
  2. Just ignore him, he's an attention seeker. These are part of the distractions you'll encounter while raising awareness of the ills going on the site. People like him with multiple accounts/profiles tend to believe others are same. Everything he said are mostly about his fraudulent activities because he knows so much.
  3. Can you prove all you wrote? You must be here 24/7 to know who else is, be quiet if you can't help people out.
  4. From experience, no one has it all. Just like you wrote you have Swiss account, the sender might need other European or other continents receiving details for his transaction. Also, call-back happens to majority of the transfers & receiver has to bear the implication which is why sender tend to outsource the receiving part of the transaction. The ratio been paid the receiver is for the risk involved which might be but not limited to account closure, lawsuits....
  5. What I'm saying is if sender requests for ABC Bank UK, you have to provide details from ABC Bank UK but receiver's nationality doesn't have to be British. Providing ABC Bank Germany details will not work.
  6. Do you mean nationality? As long as you provide the same bank details requested, nothing else should matter.
  7. Premium receving accounts available for TT/MT103 Cash Transfer & Wire Transfer worldwide. Send a direct message for enquiry / email: manisensi@yandex.com. Server/wallet deals, stay away.
  8. Few people have learnt a thing or two & we can leave the rest to continue living in a fantasy world.
  9. It's just greed & many people looking for shortcuts to be successful. Few people have contacted me privately to enquire about IGP & the likes but post about looking for sender/receiver of such wallets afterwards.
  10. Basically, it's the same individual operating multiple profiles. Great observation, thanks.
  11. That's the game, I really don't know how people fall for this scam cos it's too cheap to be true but greed won't let people think straight.
  12. You don't have to be a wizard to know this, anyone thinking logically would know $1 always be $1 & you've refused to tell how $1B equates to 3BTC.
  13. Will they ever learn or change? I don't think so, most are blinded by greed & desperation. The one I advised last time came up with false allegation yesterday thinking it will move me, I won't stop ousting any scammer on this forum. Until we flush them out & reduce their activities to the minimum, they will keep wasting people's time with fake offers.
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