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  1. @Antonio CMis right to think this might be a scam too. All 3 accounts @Westphal206 who posted about the recovery & the 2 accounts @Dennis Lyn @Lewis Perrien that gave recommendations joined the forum at the same time, that's suspicious enough.
  2. It's a fake website & that's a fact, site isn't 2 weeks yet. You're part of the team but it won't be hard for you to stop stealing from people & get a real job. Click To Pay Now or send 0.00942269 btc to: 1MEpieCLQoLuqD33ir7m89uQvPfouLGX6o This is the bitcoin address on the website but no transaction received yet on it, you stated you had some free btc in the first write-up then gave a shot. You paid by btc in your words but we can't see that, nothing was received through that btc address yet. Below is the transaction history on the said btc address; Payment
  3. Do not be deceived guys unless you're comfortable with keeping the cycle of extortion ongoing by these crooks. They keep creating more websites when people are aware of the previous ones, all you see on such websites are only virtual fund which is totally useless. They never change their mode of operation, create a new website & open a new account here to promote it. Name: INSTANTGLOBALEXCHANGE.COM Registry Domain ID: 2563417801_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited Nameservers: NS1.HOSTBLAST.NET NS2.HOSTBLAST.NET
  4. Don't tolerate any of them, just move on. You know better now, any deal requesting upfront payment or btc should be avoided. Can you provide names of people from here asking for btc? Others need to be aware of such members, thanks
  5. Funny how both comments under the post joined the forum 1 hour ago, guys on this forum need to do better & stop been a joke.
  6. Another fake website created about a week ago, stop deceiving people to steal from them. Get a real job Name: ALPHACOINPAY.COM Registry Domain ID: 2563329493_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited Nameservers: NS1.DNS-PARKING.COM NS2.DNS-PARKING.COM Dates Registry Expiration: 2021-10-01 18:38:51 UTC Created: 2020-10-01 18:38:51 UTC
  7. It's obvious site is fake & only created 3 weeks ago with same IMP logo, I hope folks here will stop fooling around someday. Name: INSTAWALLETPAY.COM Registry Domain ID: 2559428502_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited Nameservers: DNS1.REGISTRAR-SERVERS.COM DNS2.REGISTRAR-SERVERS.COM Dates Registry Expiration: 2021-09-12 18:46:10 UTC Created: 2020-09-12 18:46:10 UTC
  8. I still don't understand why you're reacting this way, people shouldn't decide real or fake when they can be warned beforehand. Check the comments I made earlier commending the author of this post, he was a victim & didn't want more people to be deceived. People need to be warned & reminded not to pay upfront or send bitcoin, you can as well post proof of the recovered bitcoin as claimed just like the author did about his experience.
  9. People were tricked into stealing from them earlier through some scam websites, they need to be reminded not to make similar mistakes. There are many wolves in sheeps' clothing prowling on this forum, you might not post about upfront on the forum & might as well do that after contact on whatsapp. Don't take it personal if you're real, you were not accused of anything. Members were only warned so I think you need to relax.
  10. I only sent a general warning to everyone on the forum, no one deserves to loose their hard earned money. Don't get offended if you have no ulterior motive.
  11. Be careful guys, don't pay upfront or send more bitcoin for any bitcoin recovery promise.
  12. Don't respond to unintelligent people, even if they have doubts after all the proofs provided & several warnings from time to time on the forum. Most are blinded by greed, nothing can be done about that anymore & its better they learn the hard way. Thanks for sharing your encounter with one of the fake & scam websites, we'll keep enlightening folks who are willing to learn. Best of luck.
  13. ICICI 2nd Channel Account available. Only Direct Credit (No Server Download) For Local (India to India) 2nd Channel Transfer 18 digits alphanumeric. E-mail: manisensi@yandex.com
  14. You can't promote fake website here & not expect a call-out, website was created 2 days ago but you & your team are claiming to be earning profit. I won't address anyone without proof, you should do so same way. If not, just keep shut & get a life. Not on my watch will you & your fraudulent lots trick others to stealing from them. I am patiently waiting for your proof(s).
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