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  1. I Dont care what u think for me. But one thing is 100 % Sure. That you are not real guy. I saw most of ur post contains FAKE and Spammer words. Either u hurt or cheat by some one so badly that u think and all the people from earth are FAKE and Spammer. And I will keep my attitude with me. U keep with you. More better., cause I will not tolerate anything fake or bad about my company. if u have so much problem than why u r not leaving this site , why u r here ? Regards, Chinni P.
  2. If you are not aware to whom u r shouting at , then wise man said . stay clam and see the picture by put ur legs in to his shoes. Stay calm. Every one here are not spammer or doing scam here. Regards, Chinni P.
  3. Why dont u do do KYC of mine in my country and with Law enforcement and then start ur comments ? do u have GUTS to do that ? Regards, Chinni P.
  4. How many of u want to encash ? I can give my wallet address. Instant payout Against BTC. u can start with as low as u want. each time new BTC address will be provided if u want. or same. Regards, Chinni P. ( Chinni252525@Gmail.com )
  5. Dear Members, We are Leading company who can give BTC , Paypal , RTGS or Cash against Any Wallet. Minimum 72 Hours to payout. ( some time wallet is bouncing back ) Diff Wallet Diff Commissions applied. We are based in Vadodara, Gujarat, INDIA. Feel free to contact. Regards, Chinni P. ( Chinni252525@Gmail.com )
  6. Dear Members, If you have problem with Cash transactions for buying BTC , You can transfer amount in bank with legal entry and we will buy BTC in Cash for you. Or any kind of Transaction where you need our help. We will provide with normal charges. We accept PAYPAL, SKRILL , BTC , CREDIT CARD , WIRE TRANSFER. Regards, Chinni P.
  7. Dear Members, We can accept any number of Transaction in Paypal. ( Chargeback Should not done ) We have Business Verified Account in INDIA. We can also provide any kind of Cash against Paypal or other Wire amount. Regards, Chinni P.
  8. Sir, Please Read my offer or Content. I am not giving BTC as a loan. You can get it Loan from Unocoin against BTC, or else you can also get BTC on rent from Poloniex or other Gateways. They are provide those kind of services. Thank you. Regards,. Chinni P.
  9. If you think so .... I can prove it. Its not all people from Internet are Fake. Anyways Thanks for ur Comments. Regards, Chinni P.
  10. Dear Members, We are Receiver for SGP, IGP, Instamerchant From Ahmedabad. If you can think you are sustain for this post, Please msg us. Regards, Chinni P. +918000000221
  11. Dear Members, We provide 0.50 % to 1 % Interest Per month on BTC or any kind of deposited money by cash or cheque or wire transfer from all over the world. Amount will be paid by PayPal only. Every month till u request to withdrawal. We are also giving Any number of Cash against BTC all over the world. Cash / Paypal is available. Only and Only Genuine People will be Answered. Paypal Verified Account needed to deposit Interest per month. There are also other options Available. Please mail us : NehmayInc@Gmail.com. Regards, Chinni P.
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      For three days Swift 799 and 760. The officer's connection is not necessary. No lock. The work is constant.
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      I am a BTC Receiver and Looking For BTC sender in Hyderabad  (Face to Face deal).  Immediate Cashout. 
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      We provide Bank Instruments such as Mt103/202 cash transfer, GPI transfer, T/T cash transfer, Sblc, Bg and Lc. Am direct to sender. I have seller of BITCOIN.I'm direct to someone that can get a gold mining site in Nigeria to buy, with a quantity survey. I also know sellers of Bonny Light Crude Oil. Please contact me only if you need our services. Time wasters stay away. My whatsapp +447452057818
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