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  1. Yes. Come sit face to face and make deal.
  2. Dear Members, I am https://konnectwallet.com/login , Receiver. Ratio can be discuss on what's app. Regards, Chinmay Tripathi +918000000221
  3. Dear Members, I am Western Union Receiver In Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Same Day Bank Transfer , CASH or BTC can be provided. Whats app me : +918000000221 Regards, Chinmay
  4. Insta Global Pay - Verification Withdrawal Limit is 5000$ P.D Can be done . Upfront 0.73 BTC Other things also needed Only below Country Acc Holder can apply UK, USA, Dubai, Jordon, Singapore, Malaysia, Europe, Nigeria, Dublin. Guaranteed money return if work not done. Please PM me. Chinmay Tripathi +918000000221
  5. I am Receiver of Perfect Money.com Ratio is Approx 30 %. you will get 70 % back. Regards, Chinmay Tripathi +918000000221
  6. *I can Verified ur IGP Account.* I need these details. and if u cant pay upfront amount dont msg me pls. *I AM NOT HERE TO SATISFIED YOUR CHATTING.* Ur User Id - Email of IGP Password 0.63 BTC upfront. 5 days. No need to access ur account until and unless i will not give permission. *( If we find any logs of IP other then our servers which are try to login till our permission to access, This deal will be forfeited.)* u don't have to access any funds which is deposited there. Regards, Chinmay Tripathi +918000000221 *Sorry for Indian Accounts. its dif
  7. Dear Members, If you are from INDIA, or any other country, And need to know about these Websites and how it works, ( This Post is just to educate You that BUYING BTC CARD from specific Country is FRAUD ) , Feel free to Whats app me. Please dont Spend your hard earned money without consulting me. Regards, Chinmay Tripathi +918000000221
  8. Dear Members, Cash To RTGS - 8 % ( Same Day ) - SD RTGS to Cash - 8 % Skrill - 15 % SD PayPal - 20 % 2 Days I am WU Receiver / Wire transfer IGP Receiver. These are my Charges Regards, Chinmay. +918000000221
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