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  1. I have accounts holders with the following: HSBCnet accounts with 5m,10m, 150m trigger limits HSBC Corporates with 50m daily auth limit RBS/Natwest Banklines 350k, 2m, 10m per transaction limits and can get many more. Santandar and Lloyds Corporates with no respective limits. All accounts have GBP, some have EURO and USD too. There are too many time waisters, people claiming to be senders that do not perform and hold onto account for weeks without any success and quite frankly I'm fed up. I need a DIRECT SENDER who can do direct
  2. I have a loader who can perform Full KYC invoice jobs or do direct Full KYC International Wire Transfers on the following accounts and only these accounts: HSBCnet Barclays.net Lloyds Corporate HSBC Corporate (online banking limit > $1m outbound single transaction). This is different from a standard HSBC Business account! All accounts must have USD $ and EURO € Wallet. These jobs are guaranteed. There is plenty of proof floating about (videos, screenshots, pictures etc) showing that I can perform - "kk2121 John". F2F in the UK, only after you send me a vi
  3. Hi, Contact me on WhatsApp @ +447438876703. I have a job to clear up to €30m in tranches depending on the trigger limit on the account. Thanks John
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