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  1. Your problem is that you don't know what it means to trade cryptocurrencies outside the regulated market - OTC and you just SPAM by writing nonsense! All escrow accounts are opened only in banks, as are individual and company bank accounts. The problem is that banks do not legally participate in illegal transactions and the purchase and sale of 500 BTC is an illegal transaction, because you can legally buy Bitcoin for only 15,000 euros a day and only on the regulated market (platforms, exchange offices, exchanges). The regulated market, i.e. platforms, bureaux de change, and exchanges pr
  2. Hello everyone, Bitcoins (BTC) for sale outside the regulated market (OTC "Over The Counter Market" ).. I am direct seller of BTC with best discount and procedure.. My Bitcoins can be bought from anywhere in the world, because I sell Bitcoins only remotely via the Internet (online). I sell Bitcoins directly - OTC market (only) ==> Trading BTC on the OTC market is only direct transactions between natural persons (seller + buyer) without the participation of platforms, exchanges and exchange offices. Such miracles as platforms for OTC trading with payment via escrow are possibl
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