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  1. Hi , im looking for someone who has a store , or exchanger office, , good money to be made contact me thanks
  2. payment method ? and how much per 1 btc ?
  3. i will buy , if we use escrow service for first time , suchas paxful , i pay with wiretransfer , and provide id of the bank account , you can know its mine , so no charge back or something
  4. im just warning other members from attempt of scam you fucking ugly piece of shit mofo rude person , get lost fucker
  5. i have good accounts of all what you asked but i will tell you why i wont deal with you ,, cuz YOU FKING ASKING FOR ONLINE ACCESS , which the last time i dealt with someone , he just transfered the money to his account and closed my bank account , we can deal face to face
  6. does it have to be business account ?
  7. he will ask you for wallet id and password , ( i created new one and gave him ) what he does he just import a bitcoin address ( you can use that money) and will tell you to login to your account from mobile , you will se alot of money there , then he asks you to buy a private key from someone 'he knows' for 0.5btc scam
  8. becarful he will import a wallet then ask you to pay 0.5 for privat key
  9. hey , we have some business / personal accounts in uk looking for loaders , we are open to discuss deals
  10. i sent you via whats app
  11. how can i contact you ? also what the 5% ? who are brokers ? i also need at least 30% long term serious one
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