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  1. Available western union receiver in Dubai. ratio: 60 sender- 40 receiver P2P.Oman@protonmail.com
  2. Coinbase wallet available without access P2P.Oman@protonmail.com
  3. Looking for western union sender ratio 70+30 if interest please contact me : P2P.Oman@protonmail.com
  4. Hello friends i have a strong account in Oman if any senders / loaders can work withe MT103/202 direct cash deposit or TT please share your contact or send me E-mail to my ID: P2P.Oman@protonmail.com
  5. We need sender / TT , swift MT103/202 direct cash deposit. 
    our account can load 100m USD or Euro at one time. 
    if any interest please contact me.


  6. If cash on table DM i am in Oman and we can deal in Dubai also.
  7.                         URGENT

    we looking for  -SENDER- TT transfer or direct cash deposit for big projects in Oman

    we can deal with any one in the world 

    Contact me: P2P.Oman@protonmail.com

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