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  1. I have a trustco account USA with online access direct to the reciever for wire transfer.wire in today and be paid out today no stories , serious senders needed DM if interested


  2. Serious senders who are in need of the below bank accounts DM me: 

    A chase bank account attached with escrow account

    Australian truste account 

    Scotiabank account line of credit

    Africa countries western union

    Dubai western union

    USA Western Union

    Europe western union 

    Australian western union

    Canadian western union

    DM +971557124097

  3. I have 
    A chase bank account attached with escrow account
    Australian trust account that can hold big sums DM if u are a serious sender

    DM +971557124097

  4. I have a international account that receives the lowest amount of $ 3 million to more millions  and delivery  is 24 hrs to 48hrs  and limits work through the sender's bank account. If interested to work, we are ready and the rate is  20+5% DM +971557124097

  5. I need Canada, USA credit card for loading and unloading in UAE or mandate in UAE and must give online access,with good limit for daily use


  6. Imp available in nigeria cash on the table 
    15+5% cash on the table

    Face to Face
    DM if interested


  7. Av got international global pay receiver, in case you want to  deal 
    $1m is better to deal

     Pay out details:

    For BTC, it's 25%
    For wire transfer, it's 30%

    In 24hrs, sender gets 10% of his share. 
    In 48hrs, he/she gets the remaining
    Transaction in Italy


    1. Associates


      Cash and carry possible then msg me 

      +91 98842 24123

  8. Am in need of 4digit online manual punching machine in Ghana Accra, nigeria Lagos, Dubai please ,any of those three places DM asap


  9. I really need imp and igp reciever in Dubai please kindly inbox

    Cash on the table 


    Active and verified accounts only please


  10. I need 6digit offline in Ghana Accra DM 


  11. Western Union dubai  and African accounts ready for wire DM me if u need for big sums of money 


  12. +971557124097 , I have reciever cash on the table
  13. Money gram

    Western Union accounts

    Are available with attached bank account DM serious loaders needed


  14. I have igp available cash on the table in Dubai please and please serious sender's


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