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  1. If your credit card is from usa i can load it, whatsapp me on +2348166429924
  2. Hello all i need a WORLD PREMIER FINANCIAL BANK receiver from any part of the world for a wire transfer.whatsapp me on +2348166429924
  3. Whatsapp me on +2348166429924 if your transferwise is usa and u are ready to release the online access so we can use our card to load it.
  4. Whatsapp me on +2348166429924 i have a sender for your wallet
  5. I need a direct 2d receiver ready to accept 30% and payout 70% back to sender, if you can do that then whatsapp me on +2348166429924 so we work together, we have about $10million in 2d cards to transfer.
  6. Without doing demo to show you can performe, then u are a cheap scammer of upfront fee
  7. Hello all, i have bitcoin for sale with 10% discount, whatsapp me on +2348166429924 for discussion of procedures.
  8. I have Greendot bank with online access, sure payout is guaranteed, i need a loader who can load it.Whatsapp me on +2348166429924.
  9. I need a receiver with a stripe 2d payment checkout, message me on +2348166429924 , so will load it and share funds .Honest receiver only please.
  10. If u have BECU credit union bank account with online access please whatsapp me on +2348166429924 for instant loading starting from $20k when u payout we can do up to a million dollars depending on the limit of the account.Honest receivers only.
  11. If you are a 3d sender , dm me on +2348166429924, i have 3d gateway
  12. Hello happy new year to you all, whatsapp me on +2348166429924 if you have a receiver with 6 digit online or offline preauthourised step 1 or step 2 pos, we can also load your card, please genuine and honest receivers only, there is huge money to be cashout.
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