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  1. Dear sir,I think it's cool to ask if you will have interest in doing business with me.

    I am a broker

     I am into bank instruments.if you're interested in a deal, say MT103,pls let me know.   Regards!



  2. Now I need a r-e-c-e-i-v-e-r for International Global Payment!
    Now any r-e-c-e-i-v-e-r is suitable, it is desirable to start with 20M, for the s-e-n-d-e-r, the mandate and me for a return of 29% and 71% for you and your r-e-c-e-i-v-e-r! No prepayment / upfront! Find Attached! Refunds are possible with bitcoins.
    Also available IP-IP - Globe.pay.ink! wanwei558@gmail.com

    1. Joslyn Sheaff

      Joslyn Sheaff

      Freedompay available 

  3. Hi

     Am [banned word removed] 

    Whatsapp is: ‪+49 173 3475247

    1. skyhigh


      U r what ??

  4. Hello.
    I need a receiver for new 103SCCT one way & POS-ONLINE 6 DIGIT!

    What deal is needed - Choose a deal from the two offered!

    103-SINGLE CUSTOMER CREDIT TRANSFER - one way - for return for me and the sender 35% and for you and your receiver 65%.The receiving bank issues Letter Confirmation about its readiness to issue MT-799bpu after receiving the pre-advise MT-799 from the sender's bank!The sender gives Pre-Advice MT-799,later receiver gives swift МТ-799bpu, then the receiver receives swift МТ-103credits, then the receiver returns 36% - through swift МТ-103/202!Any bank is ok! The receiver must have a correspondent bank in Europe! The exception is if the receiver is in a top-25 bank in the world - then a correspondent bank in Europe is not needed!The transaction amount is 100M - 10M,20M,30M,40M!Any bank is good!Without prepayment/upfront!Find Attached.

    POS - MODE: ONLINE 6 DIGITS MANUAL PUNCHING POS Universal Machine - for return for me and the sender 47,5% and for you and your receiver 52.5%!.The first tranche is approximately 1M and then an increase.The sender gives his bank card.Any bank is good!Return via 103/202!Money in the cloud.The receiver places its own sample off ledger black screen 6 digits into the contract!Without prepayment/upfront!Find Attached.


  5. Hi

    i am direct receiver GBP

    Whatsapp is: ‪+49 173 3475247‬


  6. Pls mail me if you have receiver for international global pay or Insta global pay 



      send in your email adress ???


    2. Blaxkbird232



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