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  1. **** UPDATE... just made a fresh test video and my wat's # is showing there...Anyone is serious to start some business contact me...if u r not ready to do voice msgs as my self don't bother
  2. Please read before contacting.......... I have some long aged off & online business pos's in various countries ready to receive with those terms : - our cut is 45% receiver + 5% for me - We can do a short video for each transaction if needed -Payouts after 48 hrs ( from when u get those funds in our accounts) via online or bank wiring , cash f2f in some countries - min amount $40k - large amounts ( $ 500K and more ) will be processed over a week or so as we don't take huge amounts in lump sum at once - Must provide a pic of both sides of the card + pas
  3. hi , I sent u my Skype , call me @ 1 pm GMT...thx
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