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  1. Would you want to withdraw money, or verify your account with Insta Global Pay, we can help and assist you withdraw the funds within hours with ease and verify your account. Leverage on contacts in IGP team. Fee: 0.15BTC Timeline: 1 - 4 days Skype: luckafterluck
  2. You lack knowledge how the system operates. First SIM card owner is not required for login depending the account security level. I can send proof of account that have been loaded. Do not discuss issues which you lack good insight of its operation.
  3. Need verified blockchain account with at least 0.1 BTC for DIRECT LOADING. Ratio: Sender: 55 + 5 Receiver: 35 +5 Payout: 24 hours Payment: Bank wire/BTC Skype: luckafterluck
  4. We have RWA receiver for these wallets: International global Pay Global Business Pay Insta Merchant Pay Insta Global Pay Swift Global Pay Nexa Global Pay Price: 40% +5% Payout: 24 - 72 hours Payment: BTC Skype: luckafterluck
  5. DIRECT TO RECEIVER OF THESE WALLETS: 1.International Global Pay 2. Global Business Pay 3. Insta Merchant Pay 4. Insta Global Pay 5. Swift Global Pay Price: 35 + 5 Payment: BTC/bank wire Payout: 24 - 48hrs Skupe: luckafterluck
  6. Need direct receiver of funds in bank accounts needed. Ratio: 50/50. Receiver provides the needed technical logs for each and every transaction. Contact if you are real receiver. Skype: luckafterluck
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