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  1. Most senders are looking for Club, Heart or Spade account before dealing with a receiver! Don't deceive yourself, I don't need to activate digital wallets before I make money from it. I told you but wont change your warped instinct about the usuals. Even sometimes with activated accounts you can't withdraw. I have diamond account but I have my way of turning my Alpha Coin Pay fund to cash within 24hrs...if you don't try you don't trust. You can decide to try me with any amount...
  2. Alpha Coin Pay sender needed. I am receiving Alpha Coin Pay funds. Ratio: 30 + 5% Payout time: 24hrs Minimum Amount: $100k WhatsApp: +971562548262
  3. I have website that allow SEPA payment. It's a 3D site. I also have SEPA account. WhatsApp: +971562548262
  4. I have a 3D site that has SEPA as payment option. Make payment and get 40+5% back in 48hrs. Website is in Italy. WhatsApp: +971562548262
  5. He has been disturbing me for a deal for a while. I decided to test him with $10k Insta Business Pay funds. He has since then been ignoring my messages. I am not pained coz it's just $10k. Beware of this man...he speaks like an Indian man but he claimed to be from Sri Lanka and living in Singapore. I am sure it's all lies... This is his WhatsApp number: +94 76 617 1876. Don't be deceived.
  6. I urgently need sender for Business Global Pay Pay Out: Same Day (After confirmation of your fund we proceed to withdrawals) Ratio: 25% (20 + 5) Minimum Amount: N100k Pay Out Method: As may be requested WhatsApp: +233508438581
  7. Congratulations to International Global Pay wallet owners as the site has come back online There's something new! The site is trying to clear all fake funds injected into the site. Many wallets have Billions without any proven transactions. When the site came back online, some funds got missing. Does this affect you? If it does, it means your account is flagged. You money may come back and when it does you will be asked about your transaction history, where you got the funds and what it was meant for. Failure to give valid transaction details, the fund is gone forever and the accoun
  8. I have fully verified QuickZellePay wallet. Sender can contact me. I also need sender for Business Global Pay. 30% instant pay out No upfront. No time wasters. WhatsApp: +233508438581
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