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  1. Hello. I am a programmer. I can create any website or software for you. The price for the work depends on the assignment. Telegram: @zbkm0 My stack: - Python, PHP, JPHP
  2. Why? The script can be used for any purpose. Including for creating your own legal payment system
  3. Would you like to create your website like International Global Pay, Insta Global Pay and others?

    I know how to do it 

    1. Vission Time

      Vission Time

      WhatsAPP Number +44 745 227 6033

  4. Hello! I sell a ready-made script with which you can open your Global Pay site. Functions for users: - Registration / Authorization - Sending money - Transaction history - Applications for withdrawal of money, replenishment of the wallet - Account levels (virtual card) Functions for the administrator: - Editing any user data - View KYC (upon registration, all users must go through it, including upload their ID) - View withdrawal requests - View applications for replenishment of the wallet - Sending money any user All users must go through KYC, fill in the
  5. vadim


    Hello. What is farm42?
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