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  1. GBP sender is available for big offer! +12487638162

    1. Freddy4hogan


      How much are we talking about?? You can reach on Whatsapp for more on it +15713931741

  2. Urgent request from monetizer I need Insta Merchant Pay sender for immediate payout.

    I need Insta Global Pay sender for immediate payout too.

    I need IBP too

    Note: only funders or direct mandate should contact me +12487638162

  3. Bank Draft with 110 and SBLC is available! Contact me if your really in need of this instruments. +12487638162

    Note: Only direct Receivers or receiver direct mandate can contact us!

  4. BGP receiver is available for instant payout! I need capable funder. +12487638162

  5. I need sender for International Web Pay and Globe Pay Urgent, with a good ratio return to sender instantly by btc. Whatssap +12487638162

  6. I have seller for the following:

    Insta wallet pay, global business pay, getglobalpay, int'l global pay. $1B at rate of 2% with instant return in btc. Buyer will provide prove of 1% bitcoin be sender can transfer.

    Note: for immediate payment return in btc to seller. If your buyer or have capable ready buyer contact me +12487638162

  7. Dubai Electricity Bill Pay Account is available..

    2D and 3D Shopping Site is available.

    Europe accounts available : HSBC, Barkley's, Citibank etc 

    Contact me for any Europe account! +12487638162

  8. I need IGP receiver.. Insta global pay urgent. Contact me if you real receiver. +12487638162

    1. Aditya k

      Aditya k

      Any one have insta buisness pay reciver


  9. I have a capable receiver for Available balance flashing job, 7 or 14 days duration. 3B every week.. Capable sender that need capable receiver is needed only.

    We can receive TT with call back.. 

    GPI cash transfer of unlimited amount..

    Sender or direct mandate can contact me for our services via +12487638162

    1. snapon


      Which country account?

  10. Need direct or sender mandate for the following available account:

    Int'l global pay

    Insta global pay

    insta wallet pay

    swift global pay

    Contact me if your sender or direct to sender. +12487638126

  11. Urgently need sender for the following:

    Insta business pay

    Business global pay

    Int'l web pay

    Globe pay 

    1. James001


      I have sender for business global pay hit me up on Whatsapp 

      ‪+234 9059687266‬

  12. I need a capable receiver that withdraw by monetization! Huge amount.. International global pay, insta wallet pay, konnect wallet pay, insta business pay, global business pay.. Whatssap me if you have receiver/monetizer for the above! +12487638162

  13. I need insta wallet pay receiver! Capable receiver that can receive and payout. $500m

    Whatssap me if your sure of your receiver +12487638162

    1. Raquel Martins

      Raquel Martins

      I have.. call me Raquel +5511949153824

  14. I can receive and Monetize International Global Pay and Insta Global Pay unlimited amount in Bangkok.. Sender or his direct mandate can whatssap me +12487638162
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