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  1. 2Billion Ready to send. Need 2D server. Please contact Email TheWealthgroup1@gmail.com I will give whatsapp to Legit Receivers once we communicate through email.
  2. IBP and GBP sites are temporarily down. I need Honest Senders for Insta Finance Pay for immediate payout. Procedures: 1. Send a Test 100K-500K We will send Payment Same Day. 2. Send 1 Million-3 Million We will send Payment Same Day. 3. At this time we've shown to be trustworthy partners and can take in whatever amount you feel comfortable with. Email WillcoFinance@Gmail.com Whatsapp +1 7134438447
  3. My personal Account Insta Business Pay Senders needed. I am the direct receiver. Send Test $10,000-$50,000/Sender gets paid. Send $50,000-$500,000/Sender gets paid Then we can ramp it up from there. This way we both feel comfortable with each other. I've been victim of being scammed. Let's have a long lasting good business relationship. Whatsapp +1 7134438447 Email WillcoFinance@gmail.com I will be taking on new senders next week.
  4. Are swift global pay and global swift pay the same? SGP has been down for 3 days.
  5. We need Legit Reliable Swift Global Pay Senders. We paid 4 times to send over 8 Million to different accounts and got scammed. We finally just opened up our own. Swift Global Pay is open for business Immediately. Procedures: 1. Send a Test....We pay you. 2. Send a Larger amount....We pay you 3. Then as trust is built, we can go larger. Let's do this the right way. Plenty of Money to be made. Whatsapp +1 7134438447 Email: WillcoFinance@Gmail.com
  6. I am receiver for the following. Me and my partner's accounts. No brokers. Looking for Legit senders. Insta Global Pay Insta Merchant Pay Serious Senders please contact me on Whatsapp +1 7134438447 or email WillcoFinance@gmail.com
  7. WARNING! DO NOT SEND IGP PAYMENTS TO MARKALVIN @Rihan Khan rihankrrr@gmail.com He stole 2 Million from us. His phone number is +973 3623 4797 He has Insta Global and International Global. He will steal your money.
  8. IGP Receiver needed. Must have Current Video showing transactions and date. Passport of Account Holder Email of Account Holder. (Sender will send Proof slip and video to Account Holder showing the Funds were sent) We are serious. Have sent 3, 1 was sent 2 days ago. We have yet to get paid. Need Honest and Reliable Receiver. Regards, Bob willcofinance@gmail.com or Whatsapp +1 7134438447
  9. We have successfully sent 2 transactions and Receiver never paid. Looking for Legitimate Receivers we can work with. Must be willing to show transactions credited and debited from your account before we send. Much Regards, WillcoFinance Whatsapp US 7134438447 WillcoFinance@gmail.com
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