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  1. I have 169 coins as non spendable in my wallet the loader tells i have to activate the ac with 0.4 btc any one here to help me to spend 0.4 then we can activate 169 coins if interest people is there i can give access to 169 btc account pls contact me 

    whatsapp- +94740316568

  2. Fake i did with them one but they load me non spendable btc it is can’t spend they doing fake
  3. They telling to put invest on global exchange it is very big scam they did payout as u have to download the wallet and then tell give access then they import non spendable btc then tells put 0.3 btc it then stole from it because they know ur 12 phrase be careful this referral given guys are handling it
  4. Have big dormant account and need to pull on the funds i can give all the video proof and i want small fund raiser need for it and he can get all the kyc details 


  5. Bitcoin have for sale with very good discount f2f and online 


  6. Bitcoin have for sale


  7. Btc have for sale 10% discount maximum can give 


    1. KING



      whatsapp +6282385449541


  8. Globe pay can do f2f in but receiver have to send first btc then sender will transfer globe pay funds to wallet 


  9. Need bitcoin contact me

    bitcoin have for sale 


  10. Western union transaction available +94766171876

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    2. Lisax


      I have few WU accounts if you can load them

    3. Jak Kax

      Jak Kax


      Are your western union accounts still available?

      I can load them. Write me at +22896682834 (WhatsApp)

    4. Lisax
  11. If anyone can’t payout international global pay funds into btc i can help u all to withdraw it i have proof of all withdrawal 


    1. saad alajmi

      saad alajmi

      كيف الطريقه

    2. Abhay


      how contact me 



  12. Bitcoin loading available with online access but 0.1 payment i load 3btc after loading need balance 

    this loading 100% sure

    contact me +94766171876

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