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  1. we have it in Germany , ur DOA gets our CIS and we r ready...drop ur # if u wanna do it
  2. SO FAR they r and if you like to work on those bases , let me know.....the whole thing is just a pure gambling
  3. WANTED .. USA Wells Fargo/ BOF/Citibank/CpitalOne for daily loading with full online accesses and passowrds 25/75 NO OTP for loading jobs , each week around $1-4m...75/25.OTP must be disabled
  4. for a small TT job of $30m...27.5/72.5
  5. I have 2 diff senders who r looking for HSBC ,DB AND cOMMERZ BUT we need a coded video to start REAL work this week ........DON'T CONTACT me if u can't do those damn videos
  6. u forgot ur old buddy Hassan !!! lol
  7. which bank and what type of GPI u can receive in Singapore ?
  8. WE can pay UAE govt bills , 65%-35% f2f
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