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    POS machine offline or online for punching, IPP, loading of credit card and wire transfer

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  1. Hello to my POS Network.
    2 types of pos highly needed for quick cashout

    1- Online manual CVV
    Cashout can be done using card number exp cvv data . Normal sale Pos is workable but it should accept manual punch. I can give back to Back card data, also i can send email from card holder name to receiver to create invoice/documents for the receiver. Card photos not required only stupid people will ask, becoz sharing card photos is not allowed in any banking regulations. Email proof should be enough for the receiver.

    2- Also need Refund pos, a Pos that has Refund function active. This can be done manually or physicall both. Test the pos with 1$ normal sale and 2$ refund. if machine can do this we can work. Ask me for Refund slip to know how it looks like

    Need video/slip of current date with my name Ronny.

    Offline/purchase advise/ 2 steps/Force sale  are always needed since i am direct loader.+2348037444557

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