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  1. Ratio is no reasonable, your sender is chasing monkeys on a tree my friend.
  2. Thank you a lot for this post. This website used to be way better before, but lately I've been stumbling upon a lot of scammers and time wasters. But in general, ans this is my personal observation, this ecosystem is filled with people who really have weak knowledge about banking and financial instruments; crazy amounts with illogical procedures. Myself I tried explaining to many alleged senders what works and what doesn't but people tend to follow their greed and go strike deals that never payouts. Seriously I didn't find one single sender on this website despite the fact I am a receiver for
  3. Well if your senders are genuine and serious, i am a receiver myself, text me @genixus telegram
  4. instawallet is shutdown, whatvare you still doing hehhee
  5. I am a receiver but this deal can never be successful. You want the receiver to do all the work and you give him only 32%. You also want a PGL endorsed before executing one single tranche of the contract; there is no European bank that will ever give you a PGL endorsed without executing the contract. you can send one tranche, don't give the slip, receiver gives you the endorsed PGL and then you give the slip, all BO to BO, this is how it csn be done. This an advice.
  6. Hello I can receive and issue payouts instantly. Let;s work
  7. Sure text me Text me on telegram: @genixus
  8. Straight forward, We are a group of receivers having multiple well established accounts across Europe with BO support: HSBC UK, Credit Suisse, Raiffeisein Switzerland, Commerzbank UK... Our established framework is solid and we are ready for F2F deals. We can receive direct wires, GPI direct, GPI UETR and SEPA, all with large ticket size. If you are a genuine sender looking for fast completion, kindly contact us and let’s do business. Regards
  9. Contact me. I am not a mandate, i am a receiver for your requirements.
  10. i tried sending you a direct message. I have my own website with a European 3D payment gateway. Max per transaction is 3K, same card can be used 7 times a day. There is no limit per month. If you are interested let me know via direct message. regards
  11. Dear all I hope you and your family are safe. I am a genuine reliable receiver for MT103 wire cash transfers. I have strong main accounts in Switzerland multi-currency "CHF, EURO, USD" and in Canada and in Hong Kong. I am looking for a genuine sender for long term collaboration. My payouts are swift but i am not ready to pay for any fees in prior as i have been scammed multiple times and lost a lot. Any interested sender kindly do not hesitate to reach out. Regards
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