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  1. Join MMM community And grow your money monthly by 30% What is MMM? MMM is a global mutual aid community. MMM is social financial donation exchange network. MMM is a million n million community of people who have agreed to willingly extend financial helping hands to each other via donation. Ph means provide help Gh means get help Assuming u register now Ph with 2,000 NGR After 30days U r expected to get helped with 2000 + (30%)600 = N1600 Assuming u register now Ph with 5k After 30days U r expected to get helped with 5000 + (30%)1500 = N6500 Assuming u register now Ph with 20k After 30days U r expected to get helped with 20k + (30%) 6,000+ ($20 =8000)(reg bonus) = N34, 000 Assuming u register now Ph with 180k After 30days U r expected to get helped with 180,000 + (30%) 54,000+ ($50 =20,000)(reg bonus) = N254, 000 Its as real as u can think. Whatsapp/call: +2348145024729 Register through this link and feel free to ask any questions that is not clear to you about MMM register through the link below http://nigeria-mmm.net/registration/?i=samuel4aos@gmail.com Use samuel4aos@gmail.com As invite Feel free to ask any question Join us https://chat.whatsapp.com/1UUVRoVTj436FDXZlaqoAD
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    • shubar al-ajmi

      Mt 103/202 cash
      Need direct sender for MT103/202 cash transfer we can do in sultanate of oman and northland we can receive 50M per day.Genuine senders.
      contact me +96891118352 (WhatsApp)
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    • Mastermind

      *Procedures monetization of BD, BG and SBS*
      1, Provider sigh MOU.
      2, Provider issue SBS or BG to the nominated account of the monetizer my swift MT 760. 
      3, Monetizer referred instrument then pays the (LTB) value accepted rate of discount, amount.
      Which bank? 
      And how much?
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    • GFC

      For Genuine SBLC Provider (Applicant) to lease to Lessee (Beneficiary):
      Multi-national Corp of Japan seeks to lease SBLC.
      Only provider/Applicant of the SBLC or OFFICIAL mandate  who can submit procedure in draft DoA format and compulsory Applicant's bank coordinates to issue the SBLC and to receive fee payment be filled in the draft DoA for due diligence before signing the DoA. We absolutely observe business protocol of no circumvention.
      Amount of SBLC: Eur 500m and above.
      Your procedure must be favourable, acceptable and reasonable to both parties.
      Contact: globalfortune9@gmail.com
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