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  1. International Global Pay and Global Business Pay are total scam! It eats away your bitcoin and gives nothing in return. I have lost 0.5BTC with GBP and filling a legal lawsuit against them also involving Interpol notice as this websites are run from other countries. Guys if you are scammed on any of this site don't let them go free with your money. Charge back on them and get the site down. I will make sure GBP pays my money back by hook or crook if they want better days ahead. They literally have no idea who they are dealing with.
  2. Global Business Pay wallet (GBP) is a scam! They ask you to deposit btc to get your card activated and refund that amount back to your wallet aswell. That amount does show in your wallet but when you initiate a withdrawal from your GBP wallet to Bank/BTC wallet/paypal you will never receive funds. I had withdrawn funds to 4 different bank accounts, 1 btc wallet, 1 paypal account and the funds never came to any of this. This wallet just takes away your btc and shows some balance in your wallet which is actually just number and not actual currency. There is no way to reach them by phone and also they dont respond to emails. The live chat on website is also not very helpful. The support team claimed it could be an isseue with bank server and will be cleared soon. Never in my life I have seen a wire transfer taking more than a week. Even if it was bank server error it is not possible to have error with all 4 banks, 1 btc wallet and 1 paypal account. I am attaching the screenshot of my withdrawal here for reference. Guys be aware and don't fall for this!
  3. Hi, I have withdrawn funds from my GBP wallet after activating it and its been 3 days that the amount has yet not shown up in my bank account Can anyone confirm if GBP wallet is legitimate or scam?
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