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  1. Hi everyone.

    Who has USA or UK verified PayPal account with online access Pls inbox me. Come inbox for further details and execution of the job

    1. James Autrey

      James Autrey


  2. Greetings all. Please any one who can issue manager's check or any mandate contact me privately for further discussion (UK or Germany). It is urgent. We have a slot for monetisation.

  3. I need any of the following account. Please owner contact me urgently.
    Barclays visanet
    Any U.K. corporate acc
    Natwest/ rbs Bankline 

    Must be in U.K. and willing to meet in London face to face.

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    2. hari prasad

      hari prasad

      Dear Sir, 

      Greetings to you. 

      Natwest Bank London, UK. 

      Corporate account available. 

      Also my CEO will meet with you in person for F2F.

      Kindly explain about your offering or transaction process on email. 

      Email: goldenglobetradingimpex@protonmail.com

      Telegram: Hari_10c

      Whatsapp: +91867526776

    3. Reality



      not on WhatsApp

    4. hari prasad

      hari prasad


  4. USA Account with online access is needed for mobile deposit and cheques deposit. Account owner pls drop your WhatsApp inbox.

  5. Pos Online purchase 6 digit PIN is available. Protocol 101.

    Need a reliable and serious direct loader. 

  6. USA direct account owner is needed...the DIRECT account owner pls

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    2. Reality


      Drop your WhatsApp and what is the limit?

    3. kukkar Kukkar

      kukkar Kukkar

      @Ali Baba contact me on WhatsApp +923475289934

    4. Reality
  7. I need amex Uk business credit cards 
    Image front and back 
    Current date screenshot.

    Also UK cc or American cc is needed ratio 50.50

    1. Ali Baba

      Ali Baba

      i have uk barclays cc 
      leave here ur whatsapp

    2. Reality


      Drop me your WhatsApp

    3. Ali Baba

      Ali Baba


  8. I need amex Uk business credit cards 
    Image front and back 
    Current date screenshot

  9. if you have receivers from the following banks send me CIS for swift wire transfer

    1) Deutsche Bank, UAE
    2) Deutsche Bank, Qatar
    3) Deutsche Bank Bahrain
    4)  Deutsche Bank Malaysia
    5) Deutsche Bank Singapore

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    2. Reality


      Sorry DB visa card?

    3. mehrdad lorkan

      mehrdad lorkan

      Yes sir i have db visa cart and mastercard with all detials

      What else do u want?

    4. mehrdad lorkan

      mehrdad lorkan

      If u have real sender text me in wa plz

      Imnot checking here any more

      Wa +989387062669

  10. I need mt103 single customer credit Receiver urgently. Please contact me asap. We need European banks. Outside European bank must be one of top 50 banks

  11. TransferWise Germany Available. Amex card issued in DB Germany available ( no online access). High limit.

    Imbox me.

  12. Online pos 6digit

    Protocol 101.

    Direct loader needed urgently. 

    Return 30% to the charger

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    2. Marv


      Inbox me your contact now.

    3. Reality



      Send me ur WhatsApp no here

    4. Marv


      Check your inb

  13. Need Austria account for wire. Only direct Receiver. Come imbox

  14. I have Golden Guns available to buy.   This means I am looking for a Buyer. Hit me up any good buyer

  15. Have Commerzbank Germany and Barclay Germany, we have real project to justify. Drop me WhatsApp if you wants to invest in Germany... access to receiver is 100% gauranteed

    1. willem mauwa

      willem mauwa


      ++31617166440 WA for COMMERZBANK GERMANY

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