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  1. I need people who will ᚮᚥᚠᚭ ᚤᚴᚨᚵᚸᚲᚠᚽᚤᚵᚴ ᚠᚢᚵᛆᚽ ᚢᚠᚴᚭ ᚠᚣᚣᚵᛆᚴᚽᚼ to me

  2. I need reliable people ᛊᚱᚵ ᚱᚠᛉᚥ ᚠ ᚮᚠᚸᚧᚥ ᚦᚠᚽᚠᚢᚠᚼᚥ ᚵᚨ ᚢᚠᚴᚭ ᚠᚣᚣᚵᛆᚴᚽᚼ with good amounts and with the rest of the ᚤᚴᚨᚵᚸᚲᚠᚽᚤᚵᚴ ᚵᚨ ᚠᚴᛟ ᚢᚠᚴᚭᚼ in the world

  3. I have নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী commerz bank uk

  4. есть 非法內容 commerze bank cz

  5. I don't understand your needs well. Please let us know your phone number.

    1. Эльшад Мамедов

      Эльшад Мамедов

      Hello! How are you? 

    2. Эльшад Мамедов

      Эльшад Мамедов

      +998977414702 telegram 

  6. Need a real bitcoin seller in Europe

    1. edualways


      Text me on Whatsapp or telegram 


  7. What for method 103/202 gpi automatic? Where are you ....Wich country? Europe?

    1. Эльшад Мамедов

      Эльшад Мамедов

      Hello! you have sender? 

  8. I need sender international global pay active account active card 

    1. Thatcher


      You will need to purchase and activate BTC.

  9. I have receiver commerz bank 

  10. I have receiver WU Dubai 

  11. Всем привет! У меня есть ресивер WU 

  12. I need sender 103 / 202 in Europe need seder Wu in Usa Need sender sepa
  13. Hello everyone everyone! I have receiver WU in Usa 

  14. hello everyone everyone! I need a reliable WU sender with a real return rate

  15. You know Insta Global Pay is a scam,

    So many people say they are “receivers”. In fact, if you do send them money, Insta Global Pay will never allow anyone to request a refund.

    As for sending 100 BTC (whatever they ask for via email) it is insane

    I can teach you how to make money it takes a good calculation

    Good financial and software knowledge Contact me on Votsaf and I will teach you



    1. Find a company that trades in currencies

    2. Sign a contract

    3. You must include a deposit in the company guarantee

    Open an account by transfer

    When you exchange money, then close the company

    Now if you understand what I told you

    When trading currency, there is a $ 110,000 deposit guarantee in the bank

    It's a difficult process, so you want an experienced person

    So that no one will deceive you

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