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  1. Hi Reciever avaiable for SEPA B2B IBAN/IBAN transfer on DUETCH BANK for 5B€ if any sender available email me on alex.smitch@protonmail.ch Payment BTC RATIO 25% for sender Tnx
  2. Need sender to transfer VIA Iban/Iban MT 103 WIRE Transfer for 5B€ in DUICHE Bank Sender or mandate email me the procedure and ratio Contact : alex.smitch@protonmail.ch
  3. Im mandate of sepa sdd core transfer The ratio 40% for sender & 60% for reciver Payment with btc Procedur 1.sign agreement together 2. Transfer 50btc to sender wallet Then transfer the money from sender bank to recivers bank after the downloadin the money from money host recicer pay back btc for 40% Contact me Alex.smitch@protonmail.ch
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