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  1. if deal goes through bank to bank then no issue in uae cryptocurrency is legal 100% but i never see any deal done like this before in dubai and specially at remote wallet
  2. u are direct to hsbc germany নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী?
  3. anyone can help me uk Gadagan edilen mazmun we have lot of uk Заборонений вміст only need Gadagan edilen mazmun for otp control if anyone can help me so we can make good money paste here ur whatsapp if u can help me
  4. i have 10 barclays uk business accounts 2 hsbc business llyods business and personal available halifax also available private massage for further discussion waiting ur response
  5. uk business accounts available private masg me for further discussions
  6. i need difrect mendate of gpi auto reciver only masg me who is direct with receiver RATIO 50/50 first u provide cis and after zoom meeting with receiver which ll show us online and after that ll u send u contract leave ur telegram or whatsapp for further discussion
  7. whoever asks for upfront is a ripper i ripped twice like this
  8. i need uk barclays cc loader
    ratio 30% to loader after 24hrs through btc

  9. we need direct mendate of receivers for direct cash wire transfer mt103 we ll pay return air ticket to meet sender,s mendate for f2f job if anyone interested let me knw we can talk further ratio 50/50 write me in private for further discusssion
  10. btc need transferable
    for first deal no upfront

    1. Truong Doan

      Truong Doan

      Dm me whatsapp +84705517898

  11. procedure of transaction and ratio?
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