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  1. Hello B Vally, 

    Nice having your message and thanks for your interest in

    my offer. I have HSBC GERMANY, U. K, HONG KONG, DEUTSCHE BANK GERMANY,  Thailand HSBC, and Account in Netherlands Account, BERLAYS BANK. that can Contido sensible Direct Wire Transfer MT103 and GPI AUTOMATIC. We can always Contido sensible in any of the Banks. I would want a good relations, no Pre-contract payment and logs of long chain. 

    You can Start with Germany HSBC if you like. 

    We can send our CIS to you FOR HSBC GERMANY, for a trial test. Minimum Absorb fund limit $500 Million, €800 Million [banned words removed] must be genuine and real


    You can reach me on WhatsApp @







  2. I need uk business bank accounts. 50/50 cut big amounts involved, message me for further details or leave your contact number and I will be in touch. serious money to be made, so don't contact me unless you are serious.
  3. Transferwise accounts needed for Verboden inhoud. accounts must be 6 months old + have a good amount of previous transactions 8/12k back to you 50/50 cut message me if you’re interested or drop your number here.
  4. Any way I couldn’t download screenshot of the first contact with you I send it to you in your WhatsApp +44 7424 677606

    you can refresh your remember 

    you are very pours thief’s 

    you use the trust of the people 

    any person he contact me I send him many screenshots from our Lang conversion 

    1. BVally


      That is not my whats app and I do not know what you’re talking about...

  5. Hi I’ve never worked with you? I’m not sure what you’re talking about feel free to drop me a message, as I feel like there’s some sort of miss understandings thanks
  6. Hi I’ve never worked with you? I’m not sure what you’re talking about feel free to drop me a message, as I feel like there’s some sort of miss understandings thanks
  7. I am Verboden inhoud bank of Ireland bank accounts 10/12k 50/50 split message me or drop your whats app etc, if you have or can get accounts. i need multiple accounts.
  8. I Need transferwise accounts. Personal/business ACCOUNTS MUST BE... 6 MONTHS OLD+ EU or AUS accounts atm PREVIOUS TRANSACTIONS ON THE ACCOUNT. 50/50 split 8-12k minimum back to you, cuts are sent via BTC. Proof can be provided. message me or leave your whats app/tele/Icq PLEASE ONLY RESPOND IF YOUR ACCOUNT MEETS MY REQUIRMENTS
  9. Verboden inhoud USA coinbase accounts Account requirements Verified with Previous transactions 1k plus card purchase limits 50/50 split inbox me or drop your contact if interested. Please make sure your accounts meet requirements before contacting me
  10. I NEED USA COINBASE ACCOUNTS ACCOUNTS MUST HAVE PREVIOUS TRANSACTIONS GOOD LIMITS 50/50 split Message me your whats app or telegram if your interested or message me on here
  11. Message me on here or send me your whats app or telegram or icq
  12. I LOAD TRANSFERWISE ACCOUNTS 50/50 cut 6-12k back to you Accounts must be Aged 6 months+ EU,UK,USA,AUS accounts with previous transactions. These requirements are important so please only get in touch if your account meets my requirements. Leave your Icq telegram or what’s app or inbox me on here and I will get back to you.
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