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  1. Thanks again for proving your self again, your language and non-sense are the perfect indication of who you are. For your information, since I joined here, I've been to fewer countries and the IP is continually changes, nice try.
  2. I do feel sorry for you, you just proved your non-sense as I've never dealt with any company's registration what so ever. And again, I challenge you to prove it. Good luck.
  3. First of all, watch your language , that shows what kind of a person you are. From all your posts, you are just here to accuse and blame others by nonsense. It's not your business how I spend my time, when you have any accusation, prove it to others if you dare or can.
  4. Yes agree with you, that's what's called as I believe "Flashing" which will only hurt the receiver.
  5. Good day members & non members 😉, I come across lots of ads of senders looking for receivers in regards to different instruments. Logically speaking, if you are a real sender or have access to a real one, why don't you do it your self or among your close circle of relatives or friends instead of advertising for it ?! unless there's some risk of such transaction & you are hiding it !!! I'm not talking here about virtual wallets as it's all fake & fraud to collect BTCs. My answer to this is simple, (with all respect to genuine persons) you are looking for the upfront payme
  6. Hello all, It seems scammers won't stop. Some think that some people fall for it because of greed, I agree partially with such scenario but it's more than that. Others fall for it because of need and personal issues, I myself had fallen few times trying to generate funds to save the lives of loved ones 😔. I am currently on a case, will post all details here and expose the scammers with proofs & evidences as well. But I have to confirm it first in order not to wrongfully accuse innocent persons. Based on the above, I would like to help and assist with few links where you can searc
  7. Great addition, thanks for adding to my knowledge 👍
  8. Ah, ok. Thanks for the response.
  9. If I may add; It would be very helpful if the admin of this site apply a verification process. For example, users to submit phot IDs along with video verifications to match such photo IDs. This way I think will save us all time and energy so we can concentrate on legit deals & businesses. Just an idea, Cheers,,,
  10. Since you are able to check your account here, kindly reply to the many emails sent to you !!!

    More will appear here,,,

    1. SaidGI


      Thank you for communicating, 

      Still waiting for real answers and actions as you promised.

      Will wait and see.

    2. SaidGI


      Thank you, 

      👍, Keep me updated please.

  11. Hello, I've been reading and watching many Ads in reference to Manual Download of funds. Therefore, wanted to share a bit of the simple knowledge I have that could save you time, money & most important avoiding scammers !!! What is MT103/202 manual download? First of all, SWIFT is not a method of sending funds. Instead, it is just a way to send messages confirming the exchange of funds. The whole purpose of the MT103/202 Manual Download is simple: People wanted a way to send funds undetected, away from the monetary authority’s eyes, and avoid paying taxes. All they need
  12. Same happened with me, & agree with you. Enjoy the link, the numbers are unbelievable , that's from global business pay .
  13. Greed and need my friend that make such innocent people an easy target for such scammers.
  14. I can tell you Manisensi, 3BTC is actual money that they will scam , $1B is only a number on screen that you only enjoy watching. It seems such people can not differentiate between VIRTUAL & ACTUAL !!!
  15. SCAM ALERT,,, On 9th NOV 2020, Steve Collins has the number +372 5376 3769. (Link 1) below. On 24th MAR 2021. Anthony Wells has the same number & an email of anthonylwells108@gmail.com. (Link 2) below. I've emailed Anthony Wells asking for information about a deal, his reply was to contact him through WhatsApp number +372 5376 3769. SCAM ALERT,,, 1- https://imgur.com/NVogAxV 2- https://imgur.com/52KGpbq
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