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  1. We are in Need of an old company account or dormant account for wire transactions, any নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী with this such account should contact me for serious deals .. Please only the owners of the account should contact me WhatsApp:+971555108242
  2. hello anyone ,that has co operate account with high limit ,Unpassender Inhalt side will provide contract with bankers signature , real funds ,only matured and business minded Забаронены змест should contact me WhatsApp;‪+971 55 510 8242
  3. Kindly needs of নিষিদ্ধ সামগ্রী with, An old limited account which can take up several hit on the account,I'm fed-up by getting fake deals from brokers ,Only account owner personal who ready to participate in transaction should contact my WhatsApp +971568461335
  4. Hello everyone! It has been a little while I stopped writing in this group because, everyone is focused on getting jobs done. How is everyone chasing? If you have failed in few trials, dont give up. You know making money is not so easy .Just energy and efforts needed . I rarely write here but I saw alot of people are getting scammed here. Just be wise and careful the people you are dealing with. Cheers!! Забаронены змест For wire transactions and [Banned Words Removed] Nothing else Don't waste your time please Contact me on WhatsAp+971555108242
  5. Hello am receiver for wire transfer in Australia bank account 

    1. Murad Ali

      Murad Ali

      send me a massage on whatsapp

    2. Jasmine Bella

      Jasmine Bella

      I did not get your number

      please WhatsApp at +61452182217


  6. Wire TRANSACTION with a paymaster account for a HUGE transaction, Brokers not needed. Dormant account with £17,980,6975 inside ... if you think we can make this dear Kindly direct your message And if you can’t invest in the deal don’t bother to sent me a message please Contact me here in WhatsApp:+971 55 510 8242
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