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  1. Update ... We are starting the second phase of requesting receivers for operations, read the requirements and if you are ready to work with us and have not yet returned, contact us via email devs.trsxnn@gmail.com already with the sending of your screenshots to work already at the beginning of the week! We thank you all for the attention you have given us and success!
  2. Hello, we will contact you, without initial fee, only the terms required 👍
  3. Hi you can contact us . we can receive you funds and payout 

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    2. tamaz


      Who needs help ?? Extraction of Tamkh from Global??

    3. Fajardo



      HI Friends , We are Receivers for ,
      International Global pay
      Insta global pay
      Globepay Inc

      If you like to deal with us. Please contact me on Skype.  We can give you good ratio , We are paying for intermediaries too.

      Are you ready for deal with world wide company ? If yes we are ready!!

      Skype : Eunice Jahzeel

    4. The Financiers

      The Financiers

      @Fajardo we appreciate your attention in serving us, please contact us via email at devs.trsxnn@gmail.com

  4. Hello, record your contacts via email for us and we will work, note that all portfolios we work with are all owned by us. We appreciate your message and look forward to your email if you still haven't we sent!
  5. hello, we are counting and operating all real receivers, we kindly wait and thank you for your patience 👍
  6. hello Anderson, don't worry, already scheduled. your contact, we will all work together
  7. We appreciate the attention and patience to the contacts via email and we are responding according to the receipt queue ✌️
  8. Convite especial para verdadeiros destinatários que desejam trabalhar com verdadeiros remetentes. Somos gerentes de vários portfólios e remetentes de fundos genuínos na plataforma Globe Pay Inc e especialistas técnicos com conhecimento em criptomoedas. Estamos à procura de destinatários reais com prova real de trabalho de entrega de pagamento para iniciar um trabalho de liquidez de portfólio da Globe Pay Inc para capitalização. Cada acordo será um novo acordo antes da prova do trabalho e das condições do destinatário para movimentar 60% do fundo enviado, devolvendo o valor em BTC
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