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  1. ✴️I'm Ali Nedaei from Iran ?? We are in petroleum and petrochemical business We are NOGC company Subset of Mellat Bank Corporation of Iran ?? which is account owner of NIOC ( Iranian national oil company ) in turkey ?? Switzerland ?? and Germany ?? Nogc.co We supply Gasoil 5000ppm ( 0.5% ) and 10000ppm ( 1.0% ) Mazut cst 280 380 LPG LNG or condensate Based on data sheets on Nioc-intl.com Amir kabir petrochemical company & Tabriz Petrochemical company products like HDPE LDPE LLDPE OLEFIN is available If you have verified end buyer for petroleum and petrochemical products PLEASE SEND OFFICIAL LOI ADDRESSED TO OUR COMPANY Send your official enquiries and orders to Alinedaei.business@gmail.com +989127105334 : Whatsapp, Telegram, ?
  2. ✴✴We can provide petroleum products And Petrochemical products from Iran ?? and Russia ?? and Venezuela ?? If you are interested please send me official loi?? And do mot hesitate, just message me ⛽Products : Bitumen, D2, D6, crude oil, Mazut, JP54, PP grades, PE grades, En590, J1, .... Dr. Ali Nedaei ?? ?Mobile : +989127105334 : whatsapp, Telegram, Line, phone ? Email : alinedaei.business@gmail.com
  3. I have gold offers from Kenya ?? ,Tanzania ?? , Cameroon ??,Ghana ?? , Mali ?? , Sierra Leone ?? and UAE ?? With purity of 93 to 99% And quantities of 100 to 600 kg ( which can offer monthly supply for a period of 1 year ) Skr, photo, Test results, fco are available Anyone interested please message me
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