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  1. Hello everyone, BitCoins (BTC) - a virtual peer-to-peer currency (not a physical coin) for sale - only for serious buyer with funds and accepting the seller's standard procedures for direct and over-the-counter trading (without exchanges, platforms and cantors). ... REAL and SERIOUS OFFER ! Seller crypto has over 100,000 Bitcoins for immediate sale. Seller BTC is a real, serious and legal company from Europe that has permits to trade currencies and cryptocurrencies and therefore does not participate in SCAM. Offer for buyer (natu
  2. Hello I noticed your brave post and decided to add a comment. I am an honest person and I have never deceived anyone and yet I get fake offers buy BTC every day from intermediaries - scammers and thieves whose sole purpose is to obtain the seller's personal and banking details. For every intermediaries - scammer and thief, every seller is a scammer if he doesn't send Satoshi pre-trade or send BTC before receiving payment. Therefore, your appeal is pointless if the forum participants are mainly intermediaries who do not have banking knowledge and do not have experience in cr
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