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  1. HSBC UK .net With activity , wallets and hight limits . Direct to account hold . No access with be given Dash board video available
  2. I can receive Manual download GPI direct receiver in Egypt. Also we have HSBC UK HSBC SWITZERLAND AVAILABLE FOR CASH WIRE.
  3. We have a HSBC.net UK . We have Paymaster accounts HSBC Germany HSBC France We are looking for serious sender's no junk contracts. Please bring only real deals don't waste your time or mine . Looking for MT autos, cash wire , SEPA sender's . Real contract /DOA with procedures disclosure must been given. All accounts aren't over used and not the usual CIS'S that are sent around. I CAN PROVIDE DASH VIDEOS WITH YOUR PROJECT CODE AND CURRENT DATE AND DETAILS MATCHING OUR CIS , HOWEVER OUR TRANSACTION PAGE WILL NOT BE SHOW
  4. I have a HSBC Switzerland Account Looking for serious and genuine sender's of Mt103 no upfront fees or time wasting . No chains deals please . Open to sender's procedures and flexible on ratios. Also have DB Germany Commerz Bank Germany None of my accounts are on the usual over used CIS's being sent to everyone. Videos of screens are available after receiving a real contract . Inbox me for more details . Talak
  5. I am Direct receiver for all of the methods you have mentioned , I have emailed you . check please and reply
  6. I am a Direct Receiver and I Operate and Control all my own Accounts NO CHAIN (UK Corp Accounts)Capability 50m per daily traunch, (Swiss Corp Account ) . My Accounts aren't the usual chain mail over used CIS's that are sent around. I am looking for Genuine senders for the following : ( ratio standard percentages ) Invoice Payments Cash TT MT None Download READY TO WORK
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