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  1. I need Amex gold card , Amex Centurion black card and corporate card with high limits for immediate loading , no online access needed , but online access is an advantage . What I require is this , 1) front and back of the card with today’s date on paper 2) Complete CIS of the reciever 3) screenshot of the account with date and name on it I would load it immediately beginning small with $50k . I don’t want notorious and complicated cards . Only card owner and paymaster should contact me , please to avoid waste of time and undue confrontation , only CARD OWNER and PAYMASTER sho
  2. I can transfer all types of transactions I just need the receiver to send line terminal PLC and CIS Before making any transaction/transfer I would send MT 199 for officer. To perform this operation I want access to bank Line Terminal PLC My ratio is 50% and just Bitcoins. I can transfer Iban to Iban (SEPA) IPIP / IPID / DTC / wire transfer Procedure is : 1.First send MT then I run my 2 bots and 3 software on bank server. 2.One bot send contracts and comfim 3.Other makes 50 milion episodes. 4.Other software attach contracts +1-929-2
  3. I need a verified Coinbase account that is LinkedIn to a bank account . The Coinbase will have to be verified with drivers license and selfie verification. Send the bank account details and the login details of the Coinbase . A test transaction will be done once it’s paid out , first tranche will be 90k USD . +1-929-269-2381
  4. I require US and Canada account . Corporate and personal with reasonable withdrawal ans deposit limit . Please ensure online access . So you might as well empty the account first . ratio is 30% to receiver Reach me on +1-929-269-2381
  5. I urgently require heavily indebted equity line of credit account . I would deal directly with the account owner . 1. I need the CIS of the account owner and not copy and past account details 2. I need current video and screenshots showing the debts Accounts are loaded at a first come first serve basis . Hence the urgency . I anticipate genuine responses +1-929-269-2381 total amount is in the upwards of 300M , tranches are dependent on the amount of debt in the accounts
  6. I urgently need equity line of credit account with good limit . No online access requires , only current screenshots The only requirement is the days screenshot of the account with my name on it . Once it’s done , first tranche is $2M . After payout we continue to a larger tranche . Ratio , receiver takes 15% contact me on WhatsApp +1 929-269-2381 Thank you , only genuine account holder . Please !!!
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