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  1. Receiver should have account in Deutsche bank in UAE, Qatar or Bahrain, or in Commerce bank in any country except Germany. Sender needs video of online banking for confirming, that receiver sure has his account in Deutsche bank or Commerce bank. If receiver agree, let him fill, sign and send back together with video of Online Banking and : We need a signed by receiver Partnership agreement + video of the Receiver's online banking with the sender's code with a fresh date. You need to shoot the video of the receiver’s online banking. On paper write the code word and the latest date. Show on the background of the computer screen and continue to show online banking, where the name of the site and company, account number and date on the computer will be clearly visible. We need proof that you are the owner of the account and you are managing this account. The code: xxxxxx-xxxxxx The date and time must be shown on the video in the computer on the bottom right of the monitor. Code will be provided after your acceptance
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