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Found 16 results

  1. pi`m direct to a western union receiver from dubai and a canadian receiver so plz send me your sender email via my email raoilandgas953@gmail.com for the following money transfer transactions and i will send you the cis receiver purpose ratio 45% sender + 5% you intermediaries 45% receiver 5% me (Richard) close ipip mt103/202 mt103 alliance lit 2 dtc be direct plz to your sender for we won`t be involved in a daisy chain of brokers ,they never close just endless emails so not going to happen !! thanks rgds, Richard
  2. Hi We have a very professional receiver alliance lite 2 in Europe is a COE of central bank and can doing this operation in different European countries with succes but the only condition is to reciever to make video call with the head of the sender bank to verify the special permits and if you want the sender you will be with your banker no problem and then they agree on the bank and the right country to do this operation with a reasonable commission and at the end set an appointment to sit the sender with the expensive face reciever and sign the contract of the agreement before applying it or it is not necessary to contact me if you do not accept our way of working contact: yamalk@yahoo.es whatsapp: +34651884888
  3. We have direct receivers for IPIP/SEPA Receivers accounts are available in UK, Singapore, Turkey, Hong Kong and other locations. Genuine senders may respond by email to: projmaz10@gmail.com
  4. Hello guys I am direct to sender I need IPIP Receiver who can perform I will not accept Receiver from China , Indonesia, Hongkong, Thailand, Vietnam If you have direct Receiver from Europe or from any country except whichi listed above chat with me privately I need Alliance lite 2 Receiver with Alliance lite 2 code It's a mt103 Manual download Same country rule applicable as above Contact me asap WhatsApp - +1 (661) 403-4149 Skype - Johnny Zilevu Email - johnnyzilevu.47@gmail.com
  5. Hello, If you have legit ALLIANCE LITE 2 or GPI senders we can do it TODAY Whatsup +35799119317
  6. Happy New Year, everyone! It’s a new year and work resume completely on Monday. Submit all your offers; IPIP/IPID, MT103/202 MD , DTC, ALLIANCE LITE 2, SWIFT CASH TRANSFERS, VISANET & POS TRANSACTONS. We have the power/capacity to receive hug amount; Millions or Billions. Our Receivers are government related and Bank Officers are high level technicians and always ready to handle all manual downloads appropriately for smoot execution. As mentioned earlier, we have government backup. We use government accounts to move funds safely without obstructions. Genuine Sender are needed. Please be advise that long chain of broker won’t be tolerated due to a horrible experience. Only direct SENDERS mandate is required, perhaps we might accommodate a direct Agent to SENDER’S mandate. Awaiting your response. Best regards, Mos Trade & Investment LTD Email: Mostradeinvestment@gmail.com
  7. i`m looking for new senders that has just recently joined this site not the sameold shoppers who`s been on here for months !! for i`m direct to a new receiver in the u.k. who has accts with BARCLAYS & HSBC BANKS for IPIP /MT103/202 / ALLIANCE LITE2 ratio as follows 45% sender 5% sender side commission 45% receiver 5% me (Richard) receiver side commission plz respond only to my email raoilandgas953@gmail.com
  8. cash transfer mt103/202,visa net,alliance lite 2 ,ipip & DTC receivers who `s below banks are UOB SINGAPORE HSBC & BARCLAYS in the U.K. note: cis will only issued to sender or mandate no brokers,period!!!
  9. I have senders for IPIP and Alliance Lite 2. Must be able to receive large amounts. Please email me for details at: michellecarrbusiness@gmail.com
  10. 1-I need a direct receiver/mandate of DB germany for wire transfer. I'm direct to the sender mandate, amount €500m. 2-I need a direct receiver/mandate for Alliance lite 2, I'm direct to sender mandate, amount €500m.you must submit CIS with account video not older than 3weeks old showing Alliance lite 2 code for sender's approval before we issue contracts to you. 3- I need a direct receiver/mandate for IPIP most preferablly Europe, Asia (excluding Indonesia) for my two IPIP senders(each with its own terms and procedures,one of which is f2f exchange of final codes and the other must have a video call with your receiver before the exchange of documents and kicking of the transaction) Amount: first sender between 50b-100b Second sender, we upload according to Receiver's capacity,upto Trillions. All transactions I'm direct, no broker Chains.. You must be direct to your receiver to close any of this deals quickly. Email: Feelmrnice@gmail.com WhatsApp: +2348082689101
  11. We need a bank to make a manual download of a MT-760 throw Alliance Lite 2 and monetize it with a loan. High amounts if needed, recourse and non recouse loans accepted. Thanks.
  12. 🛑 *I need a Direct Receiver Mandate* *_I have 3 direct senders for the below transactions and terms for each must be met or please don't bother to write me_* ‼ *First IPIP sender:* _Total amount not less than 100B or according to Receivers Capacity with contracts_ ▪ *Ratio:* _T. B. D._ ▪ *Procedure:* _Sender will issue MT199 to the receiver, no BO to BO_ ▪ *Terms:* _Receiver Must accept to receive final codes from the sender F2F,sender will go to receivers country, any part of the world on sender's expenses and give final codes in hand to the receiver_ ‼ *Second IPIP sender:* _Total amount not less than 100B or according to Receivers Capacity upto 1T with or without contracts_ ▪ *Ratio:* _T. B. D._ ▪ *Procedure:* _As the receiver wishes, We can do BO to BO, or mandate to mandate, if your receiver wants MT199 whatever procedure is most comfortable by you_ ▪ *Terms* _Receiver must be willing to have a video call with my sender to prove your directness. And transaction will start an hour immediately after the call. ‼ *Alliance Lite 2:* _is for a total amount of €500 million with 1st tranche of €9.8 million, 2nd tranche of €240.2 million and 3rd tranche of €250 million._ ▪ *Ratio:* _T. B. D_ ▪ *Procedure:* _T. B. D_ ▪ *Terms:* _Receiver must provide current video of account, must not be today, maximum 1month old_ ✅ *NOTE:* *_Please read and understand carefully, don't write me if you are not direct, don't inbox me if you can't keep any of the terms written, let's not waste our time, I'll simply ignore you. I'm direct to the senders, and you must be direct to the receiver(at least 2nd degree person before the receiver)_* My WhatsApp https://wa.me/2348082689101
  13. Please i have serious sender that can work immediately once the receiver has been confirmed. please only serious people can contact. Secondly each receiver must have Alliance lite 2 and Visanet at there own corporate organisation not from bank please Contact me: juwildk465(@)gmail.com
  14. We having an Facilities for receiving this type of Instruments. 1) MAC 2) IPIP 3) IPID 4) MT 104/103 /202 5) MT 103/202 Manual Download. 6)Alliance Lite 2 /7.2 /7.2.5 We are looking for an serious and authentic sender. Who his interested to earn money and provide the authentic instrument than only the work will be happen and it will be worthful and win win situation for all the people involved in the transaction. Regard S Ahammed Mobile: +447581322060 email:sahammed05@yahoo.co.uk
  15. Hello , we have the best alliance lite 2 Receiver in the united states with a ratio of 45 5 45 5 whatsapp : 0034651884888
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