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Found 4 results

  1. Dear Sir. I am Vladislav Yakov the Managing Director of NEFTEGAZAGENT OIL/GAS. We are a certified and authorized mandate that supply Oil and Gas products to buyers and consumers. We represent the major Oil Refineries to the Government of the Russia Federation to help buyers meet their various requirements and needs. We Can supply Aviation Kerosene,Jet fuel (JP 54-A1,5), Diesel (Gas Oil) and Fuel Oil Mazut (M100) D2, D6,ETC in FOB/Rotterdam, base email us (neftegazagent@yandex.ru) for more clarification and understanding as this is an arrangement and compromise with a take over bid. more of a government bond with incentives and relief. Kindly contact us with our information below for soft co-operate offer SCO. E-mail: neftegazagent@yandex.ru E: neftegazagent@mail.ru pr-d Stroykombinata, 4, Moscow, 119530 Best Regards (Mr.) Vladislav Yakov Skype: neftegazagent
  2. PETROLEUM IN ROTTERDAM.VERY LUCRATIVE AND GOOD OFFER 2019-09-14 PETROLEUM IN ROTTERDAM Hello, I would like to present you an extremely rare offer, We are an intermédiation and marketing organization for crude and refined oil from ROTERDAM Unlike our competitors, we are proud to assure you the price-quality ratio linked to this offer: PRODUCTS AND PRICE AVIATION KEROSENE (JP54) PRICE: USD $ 54 NET $ 50 Minimum Quantity: 1,000,000 bbl x 12 Months INCOTERMS: FOB Commission $ 2 seller side / $ 2 buyer side JET FEUL (JET A1) PRICE: USD $ 54 NET $ 50 Minimum Quantity: 1,000,000 bbl x 12 Months INCOTERMS: FOB Commission $ 2 seller side / $ 2 buyer side In case of need of oil we sell all types of oil, just send a letter of interest by mentioning the type in ( CIF or FOB) example: jp and jet 54 aviation kerosene jp 54 price 50 USD minimum quantity 1.000.000 bbl x 12 months Ford inconterm. commisions $ us 2 seller side / $ us2 buyer PS: for more information please contact directly * Mr El Mustapha BECHAHOUT mail : stefan.inpo@gmail.com phone: 00 212 6 66 70 64 60 OR * Mrs Gabriel TIXIER mail : joshua.tixier@club-internet.fr (all in miniscule) phone : 00 33 4 92 34 59 98 00 33 6 82 23 58 92 Best regards,
  3. We bring global buyers to our sellers here on all kind of energy products, Jp54, Jet fuel, A1, D2, D6, Aviation Kerosene, M100– MAZUT100, diesel fuel. Best regards, Andrey Sergeevich Email:icttrade@yandex.ru Skype; icttrade321
  4. Soft offer Please find attached soft offer we are professional consultants and mandate to major refineries in russia and we supply d2 gas, aviation kerosene, mazut and other petroleum products. kind regards Svetlana ЗАО «НЕФТЕПЕРЕРАБАТЫВАЮЩИЙ ЗАВОД КИРИШИ-2» CJSC «KIRISHI-2 OIL REFINERY» 187110 Ленинградская область, бульвар Молодежный д.4 район Киришский, г. Кириши, 187110 Leningradskaya obl, bulvar Molodezhniy d.4 rayon Kirishskiy, g. Kirishi, Russia export@npzkirishi.ru, info@npzkirishi.ru, legal@npzkirishi.ru, sales@npzkirishi.ru тел: +7 (812) 409 49 21. REF: SCO 03/0717-1 DATE: 03-07-2017.
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