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  1. Hi, We can activate all your Wallets (INSTA VIRTUAL WALLETS FUNDS: International Global Pay (IGP), Insta Wallet Pay (IWP), Global Business Pay (GBP), Nexa Global Pay, GlobePay, Insta Bussiness Pay, GlobalSwift.us, Swift Business Pay, GlobalSwift.net, Instant Merchant Pay, Global Assets Pay, etc..). TBC,Bitcash, Ethirium, etc... We can convert all your other crypto to BTC, all wallet funds to BTC. Our Procedure: 1. You should have valid Wallet (no activation needed). 2. You have access to the Wallet. 3. You should have BTC receiving wallet 4. You should pay us little prepayment 5. We take 5% as our share once it converted. 6. You should give us access your system through team viewer software to do the transaction or you share wallet details. Contact us for anything your special Needs in Ethical !/+$"&¦: Our Website: Click here to visit our Website (Live Chat with our Customer Care) All Wallets we do like following: https://instawalletpayment.com/ https://instantwalletpay.com/ https://globalbusinesspays.com/ https://instanglobalpays.com/ https://www.instaglobalpay.net/ https://internationalglobalpayments.com/ https://instabusinesspays.com/ https://www.globalswift.us/ https://www.globepayinc.com/ https://www.globalswiftpay.com/ https://swiftbusinesspay.com/ https://www.cloudpay.com https://sg.singx.co https://globalassetpay.com/ Regards, Amanga
  2. ***Please Read Carefully all the points up to 29 before Contacting me for saving my times and yours..!! Click here to visit Our Website (Live Chat with our Customer Care or leave your message if you are online) click to contact through email 1)*This software is working on Windows 7,8 and 10. 2)*You can send unlimited transaction per day. 3)*NO LIMITS for maximum amount for a single transaction..!!! 4)*You can cancel the transaction manually at anytime. 5)*If you don't cancel the transaction manually then it will be canceled automatically within 3-4 weeks..!! 6)*When the transaction it will be canceled then the show bitcoin will DISAPPEARED from the wallet and also it will disappeared from the blockchain network. 7)*The price of the software is $1000..!! 8)*Payment via Bitcoin only..!! 9)*If you want to see a test then you pay a deposit of $100 and I will send you a test transaction to your wallet. 10)*The test Transaction it will be low amount up to $5000 just to prove that the software is working. 11)*After test transaction appeared in your wallet, I will cancel the test transaction or not cancel as per your wish to prove that the software is working. 12)*Don't ask me for big amount test more than $5000 because I will NOT do it for only $100, bigger the show amount, bigger the fees. in example for $200 I can make you show 1BTC, like. 13)*After I receive full payment, I will send you download link for the software. 14)*The package will contain the software and TXT file to explain to you how you can use it from A to Z..!! 15)*The software it doesn't have expiry date..!! 16)*Don't ask me for a "Demo" before you pay the test deposit..!! 17)*I don't want to use my software, I'm coder and I make money selling my software..!!, then will other software too. 18)*I don't have other types of software to sell as of now, but can make any type of software/app based on requirements, only on 50% prepayment 19)*Don't ask me to meet in person..!! 20)*If you have any Issue after buying the software then, you contact me through messenger, Discord and I will help you and teach you. 21)*After you buy the software, I will add you on my group with other clients which they bought my software because I always post there for everyone if I have Updates or any other thing. 22)*Don't offer for me any kind of "job or business or deals" because I'm NOT interesting..!! 23)*Don't share with me any kind of stories because I will NOT read your Fake stories..!! 24)*This Software send show Bitcoin Transactions - it doesn't send Real bitcoin Transaction. 25)*Show Bitcoin Transactions that's mean it will get SEVERAL confirmations on Blockchain..!! 26)*You can send the show bitcoin from wallet to another wallet, and when you cancel the transaction manually or when the transaction it will get canceled automatically then the Show bitcoin it will DISAPPEAR from all the wallets and also it will DISAPPEAR from the Blockchain Network..!! 27)*Please don't waste my times with any silly stuff or stories or asking me about other software or telling me about scammers who scammed you or how much money did you lost with them..!! 28)*If you don't have money just ignore this message and please don't ask me for any kind of help or support..!! 29)*Don't ask me how you can make money using my software because it's not my issue if you don't know for what you will use it, then don't buy it..!! Click here to visit Our Website (Live Chat with our Customer Care or leave your message if you are online) click to contact through email
  3. Hello everyone, BitCoins (BTC) - a virtual peer-to-peer currency (not a physical coin) for sale - only for serious buyer with funds and accepting the seller's standard procedures for direct and over-the-counter trading (without exchanges, platforms and cantors). ... REAL and SERIOUS OFFER ! Seller has over 100,000 Bitcoins for immediate sale. Seller BTC is a real, serious and legal company from Europe that has permits to trade currencies and cryptocurrencies and therefore does not participate in SCAM. Offer for buyer (natural person or company) the WorldWide. Minimum per one single transaction: 1 BTC Maximum per one single transaction: 10,000 BTC Single transactions can be repeated if Bitcoins are available. Building trust is about starting from small deals, not wholesale transactions deals ! TRANSACTION METHODS: Option #1. Face-to-face (F2F) - seller's country (Poland / Europe) Payment only cash (currency PLN). Option #2. TTM (F2F + B2B) - seller's country (Poland / Europe) Payment in currency PLN only by national immediate bank transfer. Place of transaction: Nest Bank SA in Warsaw/Poland (Europe).The Buyer must have a bank account in currency PLN in the same bank branch and country as the Seller. Option #3. ONLINE ( remotely via the Internet/eMail) - WorldWide Payment currency EUR or USD. Payment method: Unconditional standard International/Foreign or European Bank Wire Transfer directly from buyer's bank account to seller's bank account. DISCOUNT & COMMISSION: The amount of the discount for buyer and commission for inmediateres it depends on the transaction method and the amount EUR, USD or PLN of per one single transaction. If you are interested in buying,write via eMail: cryptoworld-inbox@pm.me georgtrade@protonmail.com No SCAM. That will be reported !
  4. Contact US only if you are looking for real Fast Deal and Right with Globe Pay Biz! Incase of Problems with Wallet Companies, We will refund everyone! Read the below info of Exchange and ping us with your NEED!! #We buy SwiftBusinessPay for 5% ratio.. #We buy NexaGlobalPay for 5% ratio.. #We buy InstaGlobalPay for 5% ratio.. #We buy InstaDirectPay for 5% ratio.. #We buy GlobePay for 70% ratio.. #We buy/exchange Skrill, Bitcoin, Payeer, PerfectMoney, Paypal.. #We Sell International Global Pay for 5% ratio.. ** Payout Time 12 to 24 hours! ** Our Ratios may be low but no Regrets!! ** If any problem occurs with Wallet Payments, We will refund your funds back!!! Contact Us if you are looking for Real Deal with a Right Team.. Only Telegram : +1 848 227 1039
  5. Accounts available to receipt deposit: Only real deals, no upfront and no logins, no flashes or any like this fakes, thanks Payments Within the US (USA account to USA account)Evolve Bank and TrustRouting number 08400xxxAccount number9600 0005 4298 1xxxCurrent account typePayments Outside the USACommunity Federal Savings BankAccount number 8311126xxxSWIFT / BIC CMFGUS33We will reject transfers if they arrive from a country that is not on this list. This can take 3 to 10 business days for the money to arrive back.North America: USA, Canada.Asia: China, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan.Oceania: Australia, New ZealandEurope: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Isle of Man, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, Switzerland. Payments Within Australia (Australia account to Australia account) Moneytech BSB Code 802-9xx Account number 510402xxx No payments are Забранено съдържание to this account from outside Australia EU and SEPA Zone Payments IBAN: NL25NNBA3193541xxx SWIFT / BIC: NNBANL2GTRY NATIONALE-NEDERLANDEN BANK N.V., HAAGSE POORT, PRINSES BEATRIXLAAN 35, DEN HAAG, Netherlands IBAN: GB85 REVO 0099 7081 264x xx SWIFT / BIC: REVOGB21 Revolut Bussines Bank United Kingdom, E14 5AB, Revolut LTD, Level39, 1 Canada Square, London SWIFT / BIC TRWIBEB1XXX IBAN BE38 9672 1131 5xxx Transferwise Belgium Avenue Louise 54, Room S52 Brussels 1050 Belgium BTC VIP PRO ACCOUNT (BTC to cash or BTC buyers) Fiat deposit and zithdrawab limits $ 200K Daily $ 2 million monthly P2P transaction limits Unlimited Cryptocurrency Deposit Unlimited Cryptocurrency zithdrawab 100 BTC Daily Other features LPD / OTC /
  6. Hello, everyone. I have a person who needs someone who can accept IGP, convert them into bitcoins and transfer these bitcoins to a bitcoin wallet. You need exactly the one who has a registration on the site internationalglobalpay.com and a card of this site for accepting "payments". I thank everyone who responds. Good luck comrades! My Email: vid920396@gmail.com Всем здравствуйте уважаемые русскоговорящие и понимающие. Пожалуйста откликнитесь те, кто «в теме». У меня есть человек, которому нужен тот, кто сможет принять IGP, конвертировать их в биткоины и перечислить эти биткоины на биткоин кошелек. Нужен именно тот, у кого есть регистрация на сайте internationalglobalpay.com и карта этого сайта для приема «платежей». Благодарю всех, кто откликнется. Успехов комрады! Моя электронная почта: vid920396@gmail.com
  7. stress free procedure to >activate international Global pay funds and wallets >Liquidate your funds in your IGP,IMP,SGP,IWP etc >NB no upfront payment. I get 30% of funds. WhatsApp :+15302356569 Email :bitcobitcoinguru77@gmail.com follow us on our YouTube channel https://youth.be/g16axiT-SIM
  8. Bitcoin [banned word removed] Available PayPal Transfer Available Cash Transfer Available Bank Account [banned word removed] Available Message me on WhatsApp : +1 (202) 568 6485
  9. Hello everyone. I'm selling bitcoin at a friendly discount comment with your email or more infor
  10. We have trading positions available, Globe Pay Inc balance for bitcoin. [ Video ][ VIDEO ]
  11. Bit coin available for purchase, it can be sent to as many account as you want and lasts for 24days.... I'm open for business Drop your contact and I'll reach you on WhatsApp or telegram Thanks
  12. Hello. Bitcoin for sale. Serious buyers only. WhatsApp +13323226937 for more details. Escrow accepted. F2F also accepted.
  13. www.BitcoFin.Online ESCROW SERVICES FOR ALL CRYPTO CURRENCIES AND WALLETS Available Tired of Crypto & Wallet Platform SCAMS? If you are a Buyer or Seller of Bitcoins, Other Crypto Currencies or Wallet Platforms like GlobePay, International Global Pay, SwiftBusinessPay etc.. You can USE our Escrow Services. Contact us on www.BitcoFin.Online ! WhatsApp : +1 947 333 2059 Telegram : +1 947 333 2059 www.BitcoFin.Online
  14. Join now 62,650,000 and claim Babydoge coin fast now don't miss , decision is yours always opportunity cannot bring back , it's completely free airdrop https://t.me/BabyDoge_Clickbot?start=r04902085080 Join now 62,650,000 and claim Babydoge coin fast now don't miss , decision is yours always opportunity cannot bring back , it's completely free airdrop https://t.me/BabyDoge_Clickbot?start=r04902085080
  15. Fast claim and zithdrawab of 100,000dogecoins free Join now and zithdrawab direct and instant https://t.me/Claimy_Dogecoin_bot?start=r04902085080 Fast claim and zithdrawab of 100,000dogecoins free Join now and zithdrawab direct and instant https://t.me/Claimy_Dogecoin_bot?start=r04902085080
  16. Get fast join and zithdraz of 0.5 ethereum, only for 25people Don't miss ,real zithdrawab https://t.me/Ethereum_Claimy_BOT?start=r04902085080
  17. We are the Insta Global Pay and International Global Pay receivers. Same day pay(BTC) for the Insta Global Pay transaction. Minimum transaction is not less than USD. 100K. No maximum limit. Only genuine senders please.
  18. Claim fast SAFEMOON coin of 100,000nos, no need any fee, it's free airdrop Join fast and zithdraz instant, don't miss the chance https://t.me/SAFEMOONCOLDAUTOPAYBOT?start=User5736956
  19. I am seeking for viable projects/crypto enthusiasts in need of capital injection through direct investment funding on blockchain. Whatsapp +16268723655. Serious persons, I will be harsh to scammers
  20. Hello all & hope you're enjoying the week-end, I have seen many ads that request payments via BTC before starting a deal. For me, I'm not into any kind of upfront payments regardless of what's it called. In case the upfront payment is legit and real & considered a commitment for the job, why is it always through BTC ?! I will tell you why, cause such payments are un-traceable and you can't go after who ever got it , because he is a SCAMMER who will disappear the minute he gets the amount. To all claiming the real and legit upfront payments, why don't you get it via a bank transfer or western-union ?! I have dealt with a SCAMMER who was stupid enough to accept a western-union transfer, the job was not done & he was a SCAMMER BUT I was able to trace him and put him behind bars along with his associates who their names were exposed by getting the transfers of western-union. BTC prices now (while writing this post) is $30K+ , how come some ads are welling to sell for few thousands only ?! why don't you just press sell at your platform and get the market price which is way more than you request !!! The answer is simple: it's all fake and flashed that you can not cash it, you are looking for victims to fall for your SCAM. That's all for now, Have a nice week-end. Cheers,,,
  21. INTERNATIONAL GLOBAL PAY , INSTA GLOBAL PAY AND GLOBAL BUSINESS How to withdraw global IGP ,IMP, SGP, unspendable funds in wallet please contact WhatsApp INSTA WALLET PAY, GBP and INTERNATIONAL GLOBAL PAY receivers How to withdraw from international global pay in UNITED STATES Instaglobalpay, International global pay, Global business pay WHATSAPP... +918106871473 TELEGRAM ... +918106871473
  22. Verboden inhoud USA coinbase accounts Account requirements Verified with Previous transactions 1k plus card purchase limits 50/50 split inbox me or drop your contact if interested. Please make sure your accounts meet requirements before contacting me
  23. If you have funds in Globe Pay Inc wallet or represent a shipping wallet, please do not hesitate to contact us to evaluate our work. We exchange positions for Globe Pay Inc funds through cryptocurrency or MT103 for US Dollar and Euro. See details and conditions.
  24. Bitcoin - Open source P2P money. Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. Find all you need to know and get started with Bitcoin. Buy Bitcoin · ‎Bitcoin Core · ‎How does Bitcoin work? · ‎Choose your wallet. Bitcoin News and Technology Source. Get started with Bitcoin: find a wallet, buy bitcoin, shop with bitcoin, read bitcoin news, and get involved on the forum. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator. Bitcoin (USD) Price, Market Cap, Charts, News. Read the latest news about Bitcoin to learn more about the most popular cryptocurrency. How do I get a Bitcoin? Are Bitcoins legal? How does the Bitcoin work? Is Bitcoin a good investment? Bitcoin Lending Investment | Bitcoin Mining Daily Profit‎. Bitcoin Telegram Channel
  25. Binance is the world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency infrastructure provider with a financial product suite that includes the largest digital asset exchange by volume. Binance is a world-class blockchain company comprised of the Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange, Binance Info, Binance Labs, Binance Launchpad and various other cryptocurrency-related functions. Welcome to the World’s #1 cryptocurrency platform by trading volume! Trusted by millions of users worldwide. Get started today and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Link, Tezos, Cardano and Binance Coin, and more, all with some of the lowest fees in crypto.
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