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Found 5 results

  1. Premium features and Leadership - FREE: Community membership and commercial topics\messages are totally free. - COMMUNITY REPUTATION: For the purchase of any premium services the community accrues profile reputation of the paid member at a rate of 100% from cost of a premium tariff. Is a ticket to the Leaderboard. ● DECISION-MAKING ABOUT TERMS OF PREMIUM SERVICES Payment and cost factor: + 0% VISA, MasterCard, Western Union (and other private money transfers). + 10% electronic monetary systems (Digital currency). +100% wire transfer, bank transfer or credit transfer to company account. List of premium services: Economic Security 50%\50% Leaders $60 Recommend Post $20 Share on other sites 10 $10 Share on other sites 34 $20 Cross-Channel Marketing $10 Add Message $10 Featured Club $10
  2. CR +100% for Premium Community members can obtain and increase reputation points by purchasing any premium extensions. The number of reputation points received is 100% of the cost of premium service. After payment, Administrator enables new possibilities for member and add positive points to profile reputation. Proposed community reputation system eliminates development of hostile environment in nepotism and inadequate assessment of participants. In this situation, all have equal rights and opportunities. The greatest reputation will have those forum members who actively use premium services of the site. Investing in your reputation, you invest in the Global Trading Community, improve world economy, confirms solvency and serious intentions. In our community, the reputation can only be positive - we have removed a negative value. No one but the administration can't manage reputation. Join the discussion and development of the community reputation system (COMMUNITY REPUTATION).
  3. O9C4.COM


    Profile Profile interface is very effective workplace for global communication, trade, feedback and business promotion. Members can manage their whole business empire in one window with the following features: edit profile, activity, contacts, navigation, community reputation.
  4. Deposit or community Shopping Guarantee, is when member contributes a certain amount into its profile account and over avatar in the Rank menu shows deposit amount, indicating the availability of warranty. In the case of proven arbitration of unfair execution of work, the client receives full payment, which is deducted from deposit provider. Whether our community need such an option and how is it working and effective tool? Downside: Money on deposit are not working. Abuse by the client - consumer terrorism. Positive: The higher level of trust for supplier - attracts customers. CR (COMMUNITY REPUTATION) +10% or even +100% of deposit amount (temporary). Extended community: New premium member groups: Guarantor (Organizer of purchase unions, Investment manager). Permitted to organize and spend transactions equivalent to the sum of deposit.
  5. In our community you can only build up a reputation, only positive value or zero. From whom COMMUNITY REPUTATION value in profile is superior, the one will be willing by customers. The reputation is equivalent to premium spending to promote in the community. But what if one of the participants with a positive reputation administer not fair commercial activity and violation proven at the Online dispute resolution forum? Also, it is necessary to distinguish the degree of responsibility, if provider made a working mistake and is unwilling or unable to amend situation, but it continues to work well with other clients, from the obvious violator, who systematically and deliberately makes unfair play. In one situation you can take away a reputation equivalent to the amount of damage, but not below zero (no negative values of reputation), either permanently or until reparation. For randy violation to ban the member.
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